Teen girl grabbed in Fayetteville movie theater, husband charged with stalking wife, golf course bathrooms trashed


Recent criminal activity around Fayette County included a juvenile female allegedly grabbed inappropriately in a movie theater, handguns and magazines stolen from a vehicle, restrooms at a golf course being destroyed, and a husband charged with stalking his wife.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said officers on Aug. 7 were asked to contact the mother of a juvenile female about an alleged simple battery that occurred at the Tinseltown Theater at the Fayette Pavilion on Aug. 5.

Police spoke with the mother, who said her daughter told her that while she was watching the movie, she left the theater auditorium to go to the restroom, and an unknown black male approached her and grabbed her by her arm, said Burdett.

The mother said she would like to press charges against the unknown male, Burdett added.

Burdett said the case was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation.

In another case, Burdett said officers on Aug. 9 were dispatched to police headquarters on a theft call.

Burdett said police met with the vehicle owners, who said they parked their car on the street outside their mother’s residence in the area of Williamsburg Way off South Glynn Street prior to going out of town.

Thy noticed their handgun and two magazines in a fanny pack missing from the vehicle’s glove compartment, police said. They told police they could not recall if the vehicle was locked. There were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle, and no other items were missing, Burdett said.

In Peachtree City, officers on Aug. 6 at approximately 9:30 p.m. responded to a residence in the area of North Peachtree Parkway and Ga. Highway 54. The man said he heard several teenagers playing in the bathroom on the Flat Creek Golf Course between holes 5 and 6, according to police reports.

The officer went to the bathroom and discovered that the male and female bathrooms had been completely destroyed, reports said.

Tense relations between a husband and his estranged wife led to the man’s arrest in Fayetteville.

The Morrow man has been arrested by Fayetteville police on charges of criminal trespass and stalking his estranged wife. During questioning by police, the man refused to comply with officers, and at one point asked if his wife was alive or dead.

Officers on Aug. 7 at approximately 6:13 p.m. were dispatched to a business on South Glynn Street regarding a domestic dispute call, said Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett.

Burdett said police met with the wife, who reported she is in the process of obtaining a divorce from her husband, and their relationship has been contentious. The wife said that her husband had been previously criminally trespassed from her place of business.

“The wife told police her husband’s vehicle was backed into a parking space across from the business so he could watch her,” said Burdett. “She also told the police that her husband had been calling the business from different telephone numbers trying to talk to her throughout the day, but she would not answer his calls.”

Burdett added that the wife said her husband attempted to gain entry into the business, but she had already locked the door.

The police were able to confirm the allegations made by the wife through two witnesses that were present on the scene, Burdett added.

The wife’s husband was later identified as Kanchan Kumar Sinha, 50, of Morrow.

“Police met with the subject, K. Sinha, and he asked the officer if his wife was alive or dead?” Burdett noted. “The officer asked K. Sinha if he recalled signing a criminal trespass for the business, and he replied that he couldn’t be trespassed from the shopping center. The officer asked K. Sinha if he ever went over to his wife’s business, and he replied, ‘no.’

“While the officer spoke with K. Sinha, he became very agitated and refused to comply with the officer’s instructions to walk toward the officer’s patrol car. The officer gave K. Sinha verbal commands to not reach inside his vehicle, but K. Sinha continued making attempts to reach inside his vehicle,” Burdett said.

Burdett said Sinha was arrested for stalking and criminal trespass.


  1. Interesting that this confrontation ended the way that it did. How awesome to have a police force that dealt with a situation that could have ended up with someone seriously hurt. No shot motorist, no officer down at the scene. Thanks to all our folks in blue that risk their life every day in the line of duty to protect the rest of us.