Powerful Women Workshop coming to ProHealth in Peachtree City



Women in or near menopause face specific life and health issues. To address those Dr. Karyn Staples, PT, PhD put together a set of experts to present the Powerful Women Workshop at ProHealth Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio on Saturday, October 2. In her part, Dr. Staples will present The Power of Your Flower, what every woman should know about pelvic health.

Dr. Staples explains, “Menopause is when some women might start experiencing painful intercourse because they have less natural lubrication. Often the pelvic floor muscles become less supple. That can be related to hormones, decreased activity or weight gain. A woman might start experiencing urinary leakage. Some may have had urinary leakage since they had kids, and through menopause, it has gotten worse. Now she is having to wear pads all the time.”

Staples iterates it is never normal to leak urine. She says addressing the pelvic floor muscles can fix this, and she teaches successful techniques in The Power of Your Flower. She also works one on one with PT patients who are experiencing pelvic issues from pain to incontinence.

Recently Staples had a patient come who had leakage since having kids. Her kids are in college, she’s perimenopausal, and it’s worse. The patient says, “I’m afraid to go to my high impact exercise class because I’ll have to change my pad.”

Staples wanted to save her patient from both embarrassment and inactivity. She evaluated her patient’s pelvic floor muscles. She checked on deep abdominals, lower back and hips—the whole system—to see what might be off.

With once-a-week appointments, prescribed exercises that changed from week to week, and gradual improvements within a month Dr. Karyn Staples’ patient was able to return to her exercise class with minor modifications. “I gave her the tools to take forward that are now a part of her routine,” said Staples.

The other featured speakers for the Powerful Women Workshop are Dr. Elizabeth Moore, MD, OB/Gyn with Feel Powerful Through Menopause; Marcia Younker, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with Powering Through the Sandwich Generation; and Rhonda Pennypacker, Registered with Nutrition Power Half Hour.

The Powerful Women Workshop

Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Includes Lunch Q&A with the speakers $59.

Early Bird Registration of $49 Available through August 31.

Book your seat in advance by calling ProHealth at 770-487-1931.