Gretchen Caola announces for Post 3 Peachtree City Council

Gretchen Caola
Gretchen Caola

My name is Gretchen Caola and I am running for City Council Post 3.

My family and I have enjoyed living in the Peachtree City area for the last 20 years. Like many others, we chose “the bubble” because of the excellent schools, low crime rates, unique multi-use path system, and welcoming southern charm. Peachtree City is a distinctly special place to live, and I could not have asked for a better home to raise my two children in. 

I am running for office because I am passionate about this community and concerned about what I see as certain possible negative changes to this town.

I am particularly focused on conserving our beautiful green spaces, eliminating clear cutting, improving multi-use path safety, improving traffic flow and congestion, maintaining our low crime rates and excellent police department so that it continues to be a safe place to raise our families, and ensuring citizens are informed about city business.

I am fiscally conservative, and if elected will make decisions that serve the interests of Peachtree City residents, not the financial interests of a select few.

As a public servant and citizen of this town, I will hold myself accountable to the citizens and make myself available. I will listen to your concerns and work together to come up with solutions that work for us — the people who call Peachtree City home. 

While I have never held public office before, I have worked tirelessly for positive change in our community since I moved here, volunteering for years at Peeples Elementary, including serving as PTO president.

I am also actively involved in the Quilters Guild of the Southern Crescent, having held many leadership positions, including president.

Before moving to Peachtree City and having children, I also worked in both HR and sales and as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. I was born and raised in Canada and hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University. 

I am excited about the possibility of serving the people of Peachtree City and bringing fresh ideas to our local government. I would appreciate your support in the upcoming municipal election.

For more information on the issues I’m passionate about or to contact me directly, follow my campaign through Facebook, Caola for PTC Council, or

Gretchen Caola

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I took it to mean: out of the “possible negative changes” we could be faced with, “certain” ones are less palatable than others, i.e. a determiner instead of an adjective. As takatsu5 said, I am glad to see her willingness to offer her time to public service!