Progressives dumb-down education goals for Black children

<b>Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.</b>
Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.

American students rank 9th in the world in science and 30th in the world in math. Knowing that, why in heaven’s name are Democrats/ progressives/socialists/Marxists and left-wing liberals hell-bent on lowering the educational performance standards for black students?

They must have a hidden agenda … some diabolical reason. Obviously. Their endgame is to make black students the most “under-educated” demographic in America and to ensure that black students will lack the intellectual capacity to compete in a world that is driven by science, math and technological advancements and innovations. A world that already requires high-level cognitive skills, knowledge, and abilities.

What the left is doing is “dumbing down” black children with this academic equity nonsense!

My personal view is that this Critical Race Theory (CRT) instructional approach to teaching black students is, in and of itself, “racist”, condescending and insulting.

Their assumption is that black children are intellectually inferior and mentally, socially, or emotionally ill-equipped to handle the requirements of rigorous instructional programs/content and must therefore be taught below grade-level and graded on a curve.

Even though CRT exposes learners to historical facts in American history, CRT is deceptive in its purpose, design, implementation, and outcomes because its radical goal is to teach white children self-hate and to teach black children (as well as other “people of color”) that they are hopeless victims.

Make no mistake, CRT is rooted in Marxist ideology. Its purpose is to divide people by race, gender, and socio-economic status with the intent of creating racial and class warfare coupled with social unrest and a massive and destructive breakdown in law and order. CRT advocates are grooming your children today to become their future frontline combatants.

CRT is designed to delay, impede, and obstruct the educational progress and cognitive development of students, especially black children, rendering them intellectually disadvantaged and converting them into life-long underachievers.

I strongly support teachers supplementing the curriculum as long as it helps students expand their learning experience by allowing them to practice and become proficient in the use/application of the following:

1. Critical Thinking Skills

2. Study Skills

3. Communication Skills

4. Interpersonal/Social Skills

5. Conflict Resolution Skills

6. Survival Skills

Parents/guardians: Be advised that the school your child attends belongs to you, not the school employees. Know and communicate with your child’s teacher(s). Support your school by volunteering, visiting, attending Board of Education meetings and special events. Take responsibility for your child’s education, because after all, you are responsible.

Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.

Retired Fayette County School Administrator

Former Chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party


  1. Conservatives have alot of nerve accusing others of “indoctrination” when American education has, for generations, pushed the lie that America is the best, freest, and most equal country. And claiming anything to the contrary makes you an evil communist. As well, they have no understanding of nuance. Just because someone says “America isn’t great,” it doesn’t mean they hate America. But of course, the right knows nothing other than fear-mongering and finger-pointing. This article is based in nothing other than emotion and Fayette County deserves better.

      • Better based on what?

        Freedom? We rank 17th.

        Happiness? 14th.

        Life Expectancy? 40th.

        Maternal Mortaility Rate: 56th

        Average Annual Wage: 4th

        Go ahead and take a look at the sources and you will find that Switzerland beats the good ol’ USofA in each of the categories above. So the answer is Switzerland. Switzerland is a better country now.

        Do you have some other metrics you are using?

        • So what you’re saying is… that if one of you America-hating leftists want to make a sweeping statement bashing America, that’s okay, but if a patriot objects in any way, now we have to have measurables and key performance indicators to justify our opinion?

          Everything you posted is a rank-order list, which isn’t a valid measure. If you could be bothered to look at the raw data, what you’ll find is that while the USA isn’t in the top rank, the gap is relatively small. It’s a little thing called “parity”, and it’s a good thing for the world.

          I won’t bother to tell you to go ahead and move to Switzerland, because once you find out that they have a strongly restrictive immigration policy, limited social welfare programs (including a requirement to repay benefits received), laisses-faire business regulations, and very low (1% to 10%) tax rates on incomes, you’ll realize the reason why the Swiss are #1 is because they’re doing America better than America. And guess which side of the political spectrum in our nation has been slowly eroding away the principles which made the United States the world pre-eminent industrial, economic, and cultural power in the 20th century? That’s right… so called “Progressives”.

          • Nope, you can take that generalization and shove it. Don’t confuse “We can do better” with “I hate America” That’s lazy. It’s like you didn’t even read Aint’s comment where he/she literally states “Just because someone says “America isn’t great,” it doesn’t mean they hate America.”
            And yes, if you are going to make the claim that America is the best you need to back it up. Some of us prefer our propaganda to have some substance lol.
            Now, more to your point. You asked for someone to name a better country. I did. And it seems you agree with me. How else would you quantify “better?” In order to identify “better” it’s almost like we need to take data and *gasp* compare it.
            So, I chose a few reliably measured statistics that one could use to compare and find who is better. I identified Switzerland since you only asked for one but if you take a look at the sources, you’ll find other countries that perform “better” not just Switzerland. For instance, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Canada all consistently have metrics that would indicate their “betterness.”
            From the time an American enters Pre-K we are slapped in the face with “USA #1” rhetoric. We are not. We are a work in progress. Emphasis on progress. We are always striving for a more perfect union and to act like we have already achieved it back in the “golden years” of the 20th century when Black Americans couldn’t drink out of the same water fountain, or vote, or even apply to certain jobs b/c of their race is some kind of ignorant.
            And to the article, black people in this country were not afforded the same opportunity granted to White people in America for most of the country’s existence and to act like some of the policies, rules & practices put in place do not affect today’s Black American experience is plain silly. There is a ton of inertia many of America’s minorities must overcome and it does not happen in 1 generation. Teaching our children the history of this country isn’t some conspiracy ridden plot to keep them ignorant. In fact, educating our children on the sins of our past may help prevent the sins of our future.

            BTW, I will be celebrating our country’s birthday and am quite proud to be an American but I will celebrate with an eye toward the future of this democratic experiment and the Progress yet to be made.

          • Owl, got to love these self-proclaimed “patriots” filled with clichéd speech about America, that can’t seem to display the flag on June 14, but eventually get around to it on July 4. Of course we all know how some of these so-called patriots used the flag on Jan 6. Happy Independence Day to all. Remember the sacrifices and struggles that were made by the “true” Patriots of this land.

          • Display the flag on June 14? Assuming you are talking about the Stars and Stripes – you could get cancelled for being a racist during that season.

          • You know you’re over the target when the left starts hurling paragraph-sized invectives at you. It only confirms that truth – that you really do hate America on a deep and fundamental level. But everyone also knows this because so-called Progressives (who aren’t) do to America the things someone does to something they hate. People who hate something magnify its faults and minimize its goods. People who hate something try to tear it down. People who hate something try to isolate it from anything that supports it.

            For nearly two decades now, the left led by the nose from their lunatic fringe “Progressive” activist base, has been collectively gaslighting Americans who are too good natured to throw it back in their face. You should be keenly aware that those days are over.

  2. Thank God! One who has “lived” the experience and been in command positions with all races in the military and as a teacher and administrator of mixed rave schools and see this TRUTH! Parents love your children enough to PROTECT them from this misrepresentation of what they are really trying to do to our precious, intelligent, purposeful children! STOP turning a blind eye and defending something that is totally not worth defending…FREE our children’s’ minds to think for themselves always pointing them to TRUTH!