Stop the steal


Following an hour-long conversation between President Trump and our Georgia Secretary of State on Saturday, where the President discussed the many and sundry evidences of voter irregularities if not outright fraud, the Pravda West mainstream media got its hands on a recording.

And what is the headline? Trump calls on GA Secretary to “find” the missing votes. This is, as always designed to make the President sound bad but really, it is a valid request.

Our Secretary responded to each item brought up identifying irregularities by a insisting that they were all incorrect. Really? Are we to just take his word for it?

We have seen the tape from the State Farm Arena where boxes of ballots emerge from under a table after all media and observers have left the building. We have seen these ballots run through the counting scanners multiple times. Data analysts with decades of experience with government and financial institutions highlight statistical anomalies that would bring investigators running in if it were a bank. Our GA Senators have been briefed on negative vote counts between the county level and the state aggregation for Trump and direct vote flips between Trump and Biden. This is all wrong?

The burden of proof is not on those providing the evidence, rather it is on the State to disprove each claim. But for some reason our “betters” have concluded that there is no need. This same play is happening in States across the nation.

Just recently, a request was made to allow an outside observer with a scanner that can detect paper thickness and machine marking to run the Fulton County absentee ballots. Initially this request was to be honored but then recanted unless a court order was in force. Now, on Monday a judge will hear the case and render a decision. Even if the judge orders the action, it will only take a delay of one day from either the court or the county to make the action irrelevant.

Only a willfully blind person, or a facts are a white male construct SJW, or a hopelessly stupid person can see all of the evidence brought to light and insist that there’s nothing to see here. But there is one more potential reason for the cover-up and that is fear.

Just as in a military campaign, or if you will, just like the Nazi brown shirts, the leftists used the street shock troops ahead of the election to soften the target. This violence, coupled with leftist politicians enforcing pain inducing lock-downs and social terrorism in the name of collective health have made it clear to feckless leaders that they need to accept this final act in the four-year long coup to remove our president from office.

They tried a Special Counsel with propagandists in the main media, they tried impeachment over nothing, they even used a viral pandemic to effectively crush the best economy in a generation. Stealing an election is easy compared to all of that.

You are not crazy to believe that this election was not clean. The media continually telling you that this is all conspiracy theory is the definition of gas-lighting. This is the same media that told us over and over again that they had proof that Trump is a Russian agent and the same fools who told us that the Hunter Biden news was Russian disinformation.

They told us a viral vaccine could not be developed and fielded in less than a year. They continue to call the President and all supporters racists, sexists, etc., with no proof or worse, with manufactured disinformation.

Always remember that they are SJWs and leftists and as such apply no value to facts; words are to be used only for rhetoric and power. Continue to insist on truth and be prepared to support those who will work to hold all of those involved accountable.

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Alan Felts either twists history to fit his narrative or he just plainly doesn’t know much. The fall of the Weimar Republic was a strong nationalist movement, coupled with the radical right wing of the conservative party and their movement. As for his assertion that we had “the best economy in a generation,” well he’s only repeating what he’s heard. GDP grew an average 2.5% in The Donald’s first three years in office and not the 4% promised. As for the rest of his letter, well it’s filled with so much misinformation I’m surprised it made it to print. But then again …

  2. This is textbook gaslighting. I understand The Citizen wants participation from it’s readers but this garbage should not be allowed. What is next? The Flat Earther Diaries? Maybe we could host a weekly Q-anon pow-wow….

    Better to have a lack of content than a parade of uniformed opinions debasing this website.

    • The left is surely emboldened now. Silence him! Did I miss the investigation about the questions brought up in the letter above? We had two years of investigation into a non-existent Russian collusion but if a Trump supporter raises questions then they should just shut up and line up for re-education.

  3. Mr. Felts lives in a world of fairy tales and unicorns where everything he disapproves of is negated by any convenient fiction.

    Inserting the German government of the 1930s and 1940s into his narrative should be instructive to him if he would read the actual history of that time. Joseph Goebbels understood that repeating a falsehood in a grandiose manner was quite effective in fooling his followers. They might even desecrate the Reichstag when churned up by inflated propaganda of their victimhood.

    Aren’t we lucky that an authoritarian leader could never gin up such contempt for the law in our democracy?

    As usual, truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Nothing like four years of corporate sponsored big lies spouted by the media and eaten up by our leftist friends. No parallel at all….Trump is a racist, he is a white supremacist, he is anti-immagrent. And his supporters, well they are all white supremacists too, knuckle dragging, gun toting morons who need to be reprogrammed. Not like our heroic rioters and looters who obviously love our country and are crying out to be heard. He was such an can tell by all of the jailed dissidents, oh wait now I’m confusing him with a leftist!

      • Biden isn’t much better, what happened to #metoo after someone accused Biden? It was dropped. Biden hasn’t said anything about closing the camps on the border that Obama set up, but people only cared because it was Trump.

        At least Biden supports unions and workers rights and treats climate change like a real thing. So he’s marginally better than Trump but not by much.

        • I am not thrilled with Biden either, I would have much preferred Sanders or even Warren. But to say he is only a little better than Trump is giving waaay to much credit to the Donald.

          “Nothing like corporate sponsored lies spouted by the media….” @Ptcalf Fox news projection?? Also, would you please give me a repeating pattern of evidence that leftists jail dissidents? Meanwhile, if you would like a repeating pattern of racist behaviors from Trump, I would be happy to provide a longer list than we as Americans should be comfortable with.

      • Alf – With the exception of someone inciting a riot, I hope no one will be silenced. I also hope that the Republican party can emerge from these last four years in some semblance of its old self. I remember when Reagan eschewed tariffs in favor of free trade and honored our NATO partners around the world. The November election was a referendum on Trump, not a repudiation of all things conservative. If our nation is lucky, he will fade out of the headlines and give the world some peace.