Fayetteville armed robbery: ‘I will shoot you’


The Dollar Tree store on Ga. Highway 85 South in Fayetteville was the scene of a Nov. 7 armed robbery in which two employees were held at gunpoint and threatened. The employees suffered no physical injuries during the robbery.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said officers on Nov. 7 at approximately 8 p.m. were dispatched to the Dollar Tree on Hwy. 85 South in reference to a robbery.

Officers secured the scene, then met with the complainants/employees of Dollar Tree, who reported that a black male entered the store and went to the back of the store and appeared to be shopping, said Burdett.

“The subject walked from the store’s rear with items in his hand to one of the cash registers to purchase the items,” said Burdett. “The complainant reported the subject leaned over the counter toward the employee and, in a demanding tone, stated, ‘Give me the stuff.’ The employee responded to the subject that they couldn’t do that without him paying for the items. The subject then stated to the employee, “‘You think I’m playing?'”

Burdett said the subject pulled a pistol with a silver chamber from his pocket and held it at his waist level while pointing it at the employee, demanding the employee open the cash register drawer. The employee raised their hands without opening the cash register drawer.

“The subject walked over to another cash register and demanded the employee ‘Hand it over,’ referring to the money. The second employee reported the subject became frustrated with them because they were not moving fast enough, and the subject stated to the second employee, ‘I will shoot you, too.'” said Burdett. “The subject then instructed both employees to walk toward the door where the safe is located. One of the employees was forced by the subject to open the safe and give him all of the money, while the other was instructed to sit down.”

Employees said the man placed the money in a basket and covered it with a sweater, said Burdett, adding that the subject advised the employees not to follow him, or he would shoot them. Once the subject left the area, one of the employees called 911.

Witnesses in the area reported that the subject was a black male, approximately 5’6″ to 5’ 7″ ft. in height, weighing approximately 130-140lbs.

The subject was seen wearing a white hoodie, gray baggy pants, white Nike tennis shoes with gray tops and a black mask with facial hair visible under the mask.

Burdett said the subject was seen walking from the scene in an unknown direction, and he was not observed getting into a vehicle.

Burdett said the employees were not injured during the robbery.
Witness statements were obtained and video evidence will be forthcoming. The scene was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division and the Crime Scene Unit for further investigation, said Burdett.


  1. I had a long comment for Owl…but it appears to be lost in space.

    Anyway…All I’m saying is that having lived around here 67 years and seeing the decay of the Black community…I don’t need any Google search to show me what my eyes have seen.

    Who is doing this to Black people? Go back about 50 years .

    • My guy, you cannot just expect people to take what amounts to your confirmation bias as fact. If you want to convince others that the Black community is in decay you must provide sources that back up your claim. Tangible, peer reviewed evidence would be a good starting point. Also, you ask the question “Who” and then tell us to find the answer “When.” Just tell us then, back up your claim with sources. Otherwise, you will hit a roadblock in convincing those of us who are concerned with the well-being of their fellow citizens that there indeed is an issue being caused by implementation of policies similar to those in Johnson’s Great Society.

      • Sure Thing Owl…I am certainly going on empirical data (derived from or guided by experience or experiment. depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory)….I suspect when common sense and all cohesive social mores (the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community) are removed or discarded and replaced with what we have today….do a Google search on that in 10 years and get back to me.

        You have to admit old eyes see more.

        • It’s not empirical if you didn’t use the scientific method. The plural of anecdote is anecdotes not data.

          There’s a lot of stuff that is counter intuitive, so just relying on common sense is not always the best course of action. For example, just giving people money rather than giving them vouchers for things, increases their standard of living more per dollar spent. This makes sense if you think about it in terms of people can buy what they need, instead of having to get something they don’t need but that’s all they can get with a voucher. If you look at in terms of poor people are poor because they are bad with money, it makes no sense.

        • No, you are going on Anecdotal evidence (“I saw it so it must be true”). Empirical evidence is data obtained through repeated experimentation and can be verified by others and very much involves the use of the scientific method.

          Again, what evidence do you posit that shows common sense and societal customs are being ‘removed & discarded’? What is it being replaced with? How will we measure this in 10 years? From what I can gather (happy to provide sources btw), things like the Civil Rights Act and Medicare/Medicaid have had a net positive effect on our society and we can measure the effects of these policies and see their benefits and even their shortcomings.

          So again, if you can provide sources or data that backs up your claim that Great Society programs were a detriment to Black Americans we can have a conversation.

          P.S. Implying that you have “seen” more does not mean that your observations are correct.

  2. I’m not talking about true civil rights reform….I’m talking about the other parts that produced vast government housing, destroyed the family unit, promoted abortion, expanded government welfare, food stamps….FYI…Kennedy was moving toward civil rights reform, Johnson did get that done…but only with the help of Republicans.

    There was no help in the south by the “Dixiecrats”.

      • The States’ Rights Democratic Party (usually called the Dixiecrats) was a short-lived segregationist political party in the United States, active primarily in the South. It arose due to a Southern regional split in opposition to the Democratic Party. After President Harry S. Truman, a member of the Democratic Party, ordered integration of the military in 1948 and other actions to address civil rights of African Americans, many Southern conservative white politicians who objected to this course organized themselves as a breakaway faction. The Dixiecrats were determined to protect Southern states’ rights to maintain racial segregation.[1]


    • So you’re trying to tell us that the Civil Rights Act (part of Johnson’s great society programs) was destructive for Black Americans? Also, after implementation of many of Johnson’s Great Society programs, African American unemployment dropped “The percentage of African Americans below the poverty line dropped from 55 percent in 1960 to 27 percent in 1968.” Also, “the portion of Americans living below the poverty line dropped from 22.2 percent to 12.6 percent, the most dramatic decline over such a brief period in this century.”



      ^Some sources for your consideration