The Leftist memory hole, mandatory new language and Russia


Well, we have to congratulate the Leftists in our state and country; they don’t give up. The lapdog media is out spinning the latest narative, Biden has won the presidency.

Never mind that no states have certified their elections. Never mind that in state after state, ballots received after election day are counted … counted until the D wins. Never mind that in all of these places where Trump supposedly lost, House seats flipped from D to R and Republicans will hold the Senate; it’s all legit.

And of course, Trump is a whiner as are all of his supporters. The reaction of Dems four years ago is shoved into the memory hole. Woman’s marches with ridiculous pink knit hats, people crying pools, screaming at the sky, speakers and bloggers talking about blowing up the White House, pretend decapitations of the new president. Yeah, Trump supporters are “whining.”

The memory hole is almost overflowing as we forget about spying on the Trump campaign, a manufactured two year investigation of Russia, Russia, Russia! — to support a flip of the House, that same House impeaching over a phone call when the sham probe resulted in bupkis.

Never mind that the comment made by our president to another president is now supported by witnesses and hard data confirming that the potential president-elect is a money launderer, it’s all again Russia, Russia, Russia!

But the virus opened the door to yet another scam — never let a good crisis go to waste. We must have mail-in ballots and when Trump warns of the cluster that will ensue, he’s the nut.

You see, for the Left it’s not a cluster at all — mission accomplished, they appear to finally have defeated their nemesis. Smiles all around and, of course we are now all one big happy family again … all is well, Mom is in charge.

We will not forget and the struggle for individual rights and responsibilities will continue. I doubt that Biden even holds a public innaguration because if he does, there will be more Trump flags in the crowd than Biden supporters, so no crowds, you know, Covid.

I do want to leave my friends with some new lingo that we may have to use for a couple of years until we retake all reigns of government power from these Socialist lunatics and their low intelligence supporters:

Censorship is Kindness

Freedom is Slavery

Fear is Strength

Mandates are Caring

Biden is Honest

Trump is Racist

Words are Violence

CNN is News

Propaganda is Truth

Cheating is Honest

Abortion is Life-affirming


You just have to make them believe that you believe it, Winston.

God bless our nation, we are going to need it!

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Well boys this is my last post.

    I watched Antifa attack citizens in Washington DC over the weekend. I’ve had enough, I’m through with the mush brained liberals and now I have to worry about being attacked for expressing views in public.

    I say its time for revolution on the liars, cheats, thieves, communist….take a look 4 years from now and see what the world will be like….even the liberals will be suffering.

    If anyone confronts me in a way I feel is a threat…be ready for bones to break….I have situational awareness…unlike the simple minded sheep with heads bent into their devices….I’ve out run you all….you’d better get wise.

      • Are you blind? Or stupid? Or are you just lying?
        The tv news footage airing showed plenty of BLM thugs. “progressives” and assorted other undesirables provoking and attacking anyone walking the streets of DC that was showing support for President Trump.
        Pull your head out of your behind, Henry

        • The proud boys have a history of instigating violence, also they showed up in “tacticool” gear whereas the BLM protesters were wearing dark clothes. Someone dressed like they’re in a war zone is much more likely to start a fight than someone wearing a black hoodie. Videos can be edited to support whatever narrative you want, the best way to get an idea of what happened is to watch back a livestream if the protest, that way you can get everything in context. Another point is why did the proud boys go into DC in the first place? The vast majority of them don’t live in DC. They should protest in their on backyard.

    • Why do trumpers always sound angry, hateful and aggressive, like you sir and Mr. Alan Felts. You obviously fail to realize that the rest of the world, including America’s allies understand one thing: the Trump presidency has resulted in a severe DETERIORATION of international relations and has set the USA apart from its allies, even shunning and insulting us. The rest of the world clearly understands that trump is a liar, is corrupt and prefers the company of dictators.

      We also see how successfully he’s conned you folks. For example, some images of violence, supposedly from Antifa were taken in another country but aired by trump propagandists as having happened in the USA or tampered with footage to exaggerate the scope of the problem. The purpose was to deceive you, and more importantly to SCARE you. It worked. Where’s the violence? Do you see it in the streets? Of course you don’t, because it isn’t actually a problem. But, you all bought it. Hannity doesn’t deliver news, he delivers “disinformation” – please look up the word , it’s important for your dignity that you, at least, be able to identify the methods by which you’ve been USED. But, it’s likely you won’t because you’ll turn your anger on me, the messenger, like always do – admit it you’re covering your ears right now because you don’t want to hear what I’m saying. It’s called “cognitive dissonance” if you want to look that up too.

      But that’s how people in cults behave – unable to accept any alternate reality other that what they’re being fed by their holy leader, trump (like the very ill COVID patient who’s screaming the virus is a hoax as the medical staff struggles to save her life). I know it’s useless, but please try to imagine how you felt about things before trump and Fox personalities made you angry, fearful, hateful about everything and alienated you from friends, family, neighbours and co-workers. Please try to get your head back there and please stop hating, stop listening to fox and conspiracy laden hucksters (i.e. QAanon folks, Putin’s fave).

      You might want to look up the definition of FASCIST, that’s how the republican party is viewed now in the rest of the world. Trump wants to be leader for life. Are you okay with that? It’s authoritarianism (a lot more scary than the social democracy that Biden is offering).

      In Canada we are a “social democracy”. I can go to the hospital and have a million dollars worth of medical treatment and it will only end up costing appox $680 which was taken off my paycheck over the course of one year to cover Universal Health Care, along with approx 380$ for drug insurance which covers ALL my prescriptions. Ivy league education $6400, Daycare, $7 a day, etc, etc. Modern “social democratic” societies around the world all enjoy similar social benefits. The exception? the USA because republicans have blocked efforts again and again.

      I’m sorry for you trumpers, but you are undermining your own welfare (like a $15 minimum wage that you all think is a commie plot). Neanderthal republicans purposefully continue to scare the schitt out of people by wrongly associating ‘social democracy’ and progressive policies with a violent commie regimes. IT JUST AIN’T SO. Wise up people, time is running out. There is an urgent need to cooperate (Biden), not hate (Trump), to look after the planet (Biden), not pillage the environment (Trump), to look after the health of people (Biden), not ignore/neglect a devastating illness ravaging the country (Trump).

      I miss the old USA where truth, caring and “decency” were looked upon as core values, not things to be trampled on and mocked.

      PS republicams should also realize the most other democratic nations will never recognize trump as the legitimate winner of the election, so where does that leave the USA if trump overrides the democratic vote? In the company of vile authoritarians like Putin and Bolsenaro

      • Oh boy, where do I start with this one. First and FOREMOST, no one in the United States gives ONE CHIT what someone in Canada THINKS about the US or SAYS about the US.
        You keep your nose out of our business, we will keep our nose out of your business. Got it?
        Second, no one wants to hear the garbage spewing out of your mouth, polluting the air we breathe.
        Do us all a favor and GO SUCK AN EGG

  2. Socialism isn’t evil, it’s not your enemy. The enemy is the 2 party system that allows the rich and powerful to do what they want with little consideration for what the common person wants. If you look at socialism and what socialists think, you’ll realize that there is a lot of common ground. For example socialists hate Nancy Pelosi, because she is symbolic of what’s wrong with the democratic party, completely out of touch with reality outside of DC. Socialists also don’t like gun control, there’s even a national organization for defending the 2nd amendment called the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA).

    Where socialists differ is what to do about the problems in the US. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will go a long way to combating wealth inequality. You might hear people say it’ll put people out of business, but if they can’t afford to run a business while paying their employees a living wage then they are pretty bad at running a business.

    The reason for the flip in GA is that people were more motivated to vote this year. A lot of “leftists” didn’t care for Hillary and decided to not vote or vote for a third party. There has also been a large influx of people to GA in the past 4 years, look at all the development around PTC. About 10% of GA’s population is now foreign born and they are not going to vote for Trump who’s whole platform is about making it harder to immigrate to the US.

    I keep hearing about dead people voting, but haven’y seen any evidence except for one case a few years ago.

    • Let’s not forget that the “Radical Left.” wants to give people free healthcare, a human right. It would raise taxes, yes, but you would not have to pay for insurance, it would save small businesses money because they don’t have to buy the insurance and it would give people the right to healthcare.

        • Taking issue with the last part of your statement there Hometown, basic human rights are those that must be fulfilled so that other rights can be enjoyed. Fulfillment comes through goods and services that meet objective human needs such as food, clean water, sanitation, health services, housing, electricity, security, and so on. It’s what we strive for here in the US of A, not to mention all other countries around the globe to varying degrees.

          • Doon, Just to be clear, are you really advocating that all of these things you mention Are inalienable rights that should be provided to each person regardless of ability to pay for such?

            Aside from the obvious discussion on capitalism, do you really want to be “kept “by the government?

        • They’re not free. They would paid for by the tax payer, it’s like insurance just instead of being a private business it’s publicly owned. What about roads? We don’t pay for roads by the mile we drive, we pay taxes and the government maintains the roads. There’s a lot of things that make more sense to be operated by the government than by businesses, healthcare is one of them. When someone needs to go to the ER, they don’t have the time to shop around and figure what the best deal is, they go to the nearest hospital. This means that hospitals can charge ridiculous amounts and people have no choice but to pay. The insurance system is a mess as well, think about all the hours wasted dealing with the bureaucracy and trying to figure out what all the exemptions and special classifications mean.

        • I’m from Earth. Goods and services are not free, the taxpayer has to pay for them. And healthcare is a human right, it is the right to live, the right to get medical care, the right to continue living. You might say “Well there will be more taxes!” But I say you won’t have to pay for insurance, and that will help small businesses because they won’t have to pay for health insurance and it will help the self-employed.

    • Venezuela? Ever heard of that country?

      Socialism FAILED big time in Venezuela, what was once a great country has been DESTROYED by socialism.
      No one in the right mind wants socialism in the United States! It is a FAILED experiment.
      Now shoo, go away!

  3. Well said.
    I’d also add that I just listened to Stacy Washington on Patriot 125 with guests explaining how Michigan is the canary in the coal mime and how the ballot counting software used by 30 states, including Georgia, flipped 3% of the Trump votes for Biden (thus a 6% swing). Search words: Dominion Scorecard and HAMR or Hammer.

      • Not sure if Mr. Sukalewski actually believes in conspiracy theories, but he does have a pattern of citing poor source material; like for example some of his misguided Covid-19 statements. It is ironic that on one hand Phil & Company will condemn leaks to the media and unidentified and/or unsubstantiated sources, but then do a quick 180 when it fits their specific narrow political agenda.