Support local law enforcement Friday, Saturday in Peachtree City


Peachtree City on Oct. 9 and 10 will be the site of two events supporting local law enforcement.

On Friday, the first “Faith and Blue” event will be held at Drake Field from 5-7 p.m., and will serve as a combination “touch-a-truck” and “trunk or treat” catered to kids.

The event will also provide an opportunity for open dialogue between the community and officers.

Commenting on the purpose for the event, organizers said communities are stronger and safer when residents and law enforcement professionals can relate as ordinary people with shared values, hopes and dreams.

Police and fire vehicles will be onsite for pictures with the youngsters, Safe Kids Fayette will be there with car seat and bike helmet information and two local restaurants will provide food trucks.

On Saturday, the Nationwide Police Rally will be held from 10 a.m. until noon at Peachtree City Hall.

Organizers said this is not a political rally. It is about standing united as one in support of law enforcement.

“We hope to see you there so that our officers across our nation can see those that are standing up and remaining #SilentNoMore,” organizers said.


  1. Henry, you are living in an alternate universe, watching CNN and MSNBC and being lied to and believing the fake news. Police are decent, good people who risk their lives everyday to protect ignorant air breathers liked you. You should be thanking them for the law and order they uphold, allowing YOU to live a safe and free life. The rise in violent crime in every city that defunds police, that leaves citizens who depends on law enforcement to prevent the looting and rioting and vandalism and murder and enforce the laws, shows us all what happens when no one is there to respond to the 911 call. I suggest you go somewhere else to live, and spew your lies and hate elsewhere. Bye bye!

  2. All Cops Are Bad. Until they acknowledge that the criminal justice system is racist and work to fixing it they are part of the problem. Just following orders or something like that is not a defense, because they are still a part of a fundamentally unjust system and I don’t care what each cop has done or hasn’t done until they call for criminal justice reform they’re bad in my eyes. The brutality that the police beat up the protesters is just further evidence of the brokenness of the system. I don’t like violence and looting. During protests the cops are the ones supposed to be keeping the peace, yet they seem like the ones who escalate the violence. A water bottle or something thrown at the cops doesn’t justify tear gas. If the cops were truly peacekeepers should turn the other cheek to show that they are not the violent ones and that it’s the protesters being violent. However we have video after video of cops beating up people who weren’t even threatening the cops much less actively attacking them.

    • You write, “All Cops Are Bad.” Henry, it’s not only snake oil. It’s you that I believe to be venomous and highly offensive to a group of people who risk their lives to maintain our safety. There are bad cops and there are bad people. Open your eyes. Grow up and become a man, capable of doing what requires doing and not bending to the every whim of social engineering.

      • Occupation is not a protected group, if they don’t want me to think they’re bad they can quit. They know the risks of being a cop, it’s not even that dangerous. Being a cop is the 16th most deadly job in the US according to the bureau of labor statistics, at 13.6 fatal injuries a year per 100,000 workers compared to grounds maintenance workers at 18.6 fatal injuries a year per 100,000 workers. I don’t see anyone talking about how they put their lives on the line so people can go play golf. Garbage men have an even higher fatal injury rate of 44.3 per 100,000, yet people don’t give them anywhere the same amount of respect that they give cops despite the fact that they provide a much more valuable service to the community. The “good” cops are like the people that left the man to die in parable of the good Samaritan, they see their fellow cops do awful things and they don’t speak out against them or the system that enables them to get away with it. That’s why I think they’re bad, not because of any “social engineering” but because they fail to protect and serve people of color and deny that they are failing.

        • You speak of cops as kids once spoke of soldiers because they believed soldiers kill children. Good cops are the majority; they speak up to others, but like all people of integrity, they maintain discipline. As adults, they realize they cannot change all things, but work to make life better for all. I believe you are reading too much dribble, not digesting it, and spitting it out as factual. It’s nothing more than snake oil. Maybe self aggrandizement requires spewing venom, but it’s worse than snake oil, poisonous to oneself, but worse because it contaminates many who believe it.

    • Henry, they say I’m “feeding the troll” when I respond to you.
      Did you have a bad experience?
      Is it because of how you were raised?
      Fill us in on your back ground…your all over the place posting comments…tell us your story.

      • I haven’t personally had a bad experience with the cops, but I went to college at Case Western Reserve University and the cops would find any reason to stop people walking onto campus from East Cleveland. The crime was low but I don’t like seeing people have their constitutional rights violated like that. People like to act as if it was only the south that was racist and after the civil rights movement racism is no more. That’s simply not true. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Tamir Rice was killed in Cleveland. Police all across this nation are part of a systemically racist system and I would like it if they stopped killing innocent people, no matter their race. Although they do kill Black people at a significantly higher rate.

          • That’s not the same thing people don’t just shoot up schools for no reason, most if not all school shooters have a relation with the school. I do have to say the campus was safe. There are better ways to prevent and reduce crime than just harassing everyone. Dealing with the underlying causes of poverty and crime in east cleveland would be a good place to start.

          • That’s not the same thing….

            Au contraire, the gunman had no business at the school and if challenged that whole sad tragedy would not have occurred.

          • I didn’t say he had business being there, but he was a former student. The people from east Cleveland getting stopped had no ties to the school other than living near it and wanting to enjoy the green space around the museum of art and severance hall, which happen to be right next to campus.

      • I don’t think you quite understand what “feeding the troll” means. From what I have seen Henry has been nothing but polite and engaged with the other members of this community when expressing his ideas and vision for the community he has chosen to be a part of. “Feeding the trolls” happens when responding to a person in these comment sections that is deliberately trying to provoke a reaction through name-calling or insults. You can recognize a troll when they respond to Henry calling him a “libtard” or when they demonize an entire group of people with no basis in fact (democrats hate freedom, liberty & truth….). A troll seeks to provoke, not engage. Henry is no troll, though that cannot be said for many members of this site.

        • By your definition, Henry may be recognized as a troll. You decide. You said, “You can recognize a troll when they respond to Henry calling him a “libtard” or when they demonize an entire group of people with no basis in fact …” Henry said, “Police all across this nation are part of a systemically racist system …”

          • Had Henry said “Police hate black people” or “All cops are ba***s” you may have a point to argue. However, that is not how the topic was broached. Surely you can tell the difference between someone trying to insult vs. someone trying to debate and converse.

          • Doug, I guess you can define a troll as one who intentionally upsets others with inflammatory and offensive messages in order to personally upset someone and/or gain personal amusement. I don’t see Henry’s posts as intentionally trying to upset others (emphasis here on intentional), while he pontificates his many thoughts on this platform. I do however see a lot of intentional and gleeful bullying centered specifically on him by those that have contrary opinions.