‘You are required to comply with our expert recommendations’


My wife shared a link with me for a story on wsbtv.com. Here is the headline: “White House task force puts GA in ‘red zone,’ committee gives state 2 weeks to send new Covid-19 plans.” Wow, that sounds bad and a departure from President Trump’s commitment to federalism and states’ rights. It kind of sounds like a White House committee is ready to bring down the hammer on us. My first inclination was that Trump is playing with losing Georgia if he starts mandating actions.

Here’s the rub: the “committee” referenced in the headline is a House of Representatives committee — you know, that Democrat-controlled House. Nowhere in the article does the writer explicitly say that this letter came from the House of Representatives.

The article starts by describing the body as a “federal coronavirus crisis subcommittee.” For those of us who received some Civics education, that subcommittee term is a giveaway. But I think that hiding this fact is a purposeful action. You see, they need to make it sound like President Trump is dictating to Georgia. Of course, the truth is the opposite.

The article does state that the subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) sent the letter to four states and was not targeting Republican governors. 21 states (that’s nearly half) are in the “red zone” and 17 had “not been adhering to guidelines.” The letter was only sent to the four states who had not confirmed to this federal body that they would “comply.”

Let me get this right. 21 states are in the “red zone” and 4 of them instituted the magical guidelines from the start, so the science says? Then there’s the Democrat congressman’s choice of words: these other states “have refused to comply with the critical recommendations of the task force.” Did you catch that? They refused to comply with recommendations so Congress is requiring a new plan from the states?

Setting aside the fact that a Congressional subcommittee has no authority to require a state to provide such a plan, this is how the Left operates: they “recommend” and then require “compliance.” Read Orwell’s “1984” again and remember “newspeak” … we are there now.

If your neighbor recommends an eating establishment, there is no expected coercion if you don’t check it out (unless maybe if your neighbor is a radicalized leftist in which case your refusing to try the new place must have something to do with your racism).

This report describes life under Democrat Party control, mandates from the “smart people” in D.C. and us uneducated rubes out there just do as we are told, or else. Never forget that way back in April when Governor Kemp was discussing the opening plans, Atlanta Mayor Bottoms rebutted that if it were up to her, “we would lock down the whole country.”

Never were truer words spoken, so let us re-elect President Trump and get these leftists out of power before they are able to make such decisions “up to them”!

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Continuing with the “bulging” theme of these responses, perhaps by November 3, the heavy cloud cover will break, and the thoroughly exposed combatants who have recently had their way will be overwhelmed by the superior air power of the good guys. With no further hope, the tyrant will soon be vanquished.

    I love happy endings!

    • I think you are right STF, the Democrats are vanquishing their tyrant right now as they realize the path to the White House does not involve old Joe. Probably at the convention a second ballot floor nomination of Michelle Obama with a VP add-on that doesn’t scare normal people – Sally Yates if they want suburban women votes or Crazy Bernie if they think he’ll create turnout among the younger wingnuts.

      Either way they will win those 3 or 4 swing states – possibly even Georgia. Imagine that. Add in a second virus lockdown or no deal on stimulus or unemployment checks along with some inappropriate presidential tweets and its game over for Trump. That’s how Trump gets beat – no other way will do it. I mean their not going to bring back Mayor Pete or Pocahontas and nobody even remembers who else was being considered in that group of 20.

      Of course Michelle has to really like this idea for it to work. I don’t think she is crazy or stupid and she’d have to both to give up living full time at that Martha’s Vineyard house for the White House. Of course the press would go into full FDR/JFK level of fawning and she would have no qualms about flying home every Friday, so she might be tempted.

      I’d rather she not get involved. I don’t want to see her husband or either of the Clinton’s on the Supreme Court and for certain that’s her short list. I’ll stick with the “stability” of Trump and his mostly conservative improvements. Strangely enough Trump keeps me calm and I feel reasonably safe in my retirement years – and there’s usually some doses of comedy every day.

      • R.M. – If your predictions are correct, we are in for a very eventful autumn. Your scenario would require more of a Hiroshima/Nagasaki analogy than a cold Christmas in the Ardenne Forest.

        • Yea, eventful and interesting. If they make a movie or two about this year’s choices, it would be Trump as Paul Tibbets flying the Enola Gay over Cleveland or wherever the Dems convention is. Bomb is optional as they might blow themselves up on their own.

          The other movie would star Biden as McAuliffe getting the surrender demand from Hans or Helmut (played by Robbie Mook) and saying “Nuts” (after 10 takes) and then his replacement by General Patton played by Hillary, Michelle Obama or God help us Sally Yates. The ending of the movie is scary since Hillary would dither over pushing toward Berlin until all the German soldiers were given free healthcare, Michelle delayed her march to victory by planting gardens of Argula in the Ardennes and Sally would sign a bunch of papers without reading them and Germany would be 100% Soviet.

          Like you said- eventful.