How you can help patients and staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital during this Covid-19 surge


Since the first Covid-19 patient was admitted to Piedmont Fayette Hospital in March, individuals, local businesses, churches, and civic groups found ways to support the hospital through donations of meals for staff, hand-sewn masks, donations to Piedmont’s Daycare Support Fund, and more.

As the number of Covid-19 cases climbs at hospitals around the country, there are still ways to support the hospital by helping staff members, the patients and their families.

One meaningful way to support the staff is by providing a meal for either lunch or dinner. Interested parties can sign up on and click on Piedmont Fayette on the main page. The platform allows you to purchase meals from local restaurants to deliver meals to the hospital.

These donated meals are a great way to show appreciation for both restaurants and healthcare workers and reduce some of the stress they are experiencing during the pandemic.

“Our staff truly appreciates the support they have received from the community,” said Holly Sawyer, Director of Human Resources for Piedmont Fayette. “These meals have been an incredible boost to their morale during a difficult time.”

A way to help both staff and patients is by donating baby monitors. These allow for communication between the staff and the patient without having to enter the room and don personal protective equipment (PPE). This is one resourceful way care providers can maintain adequate levels of PPE while improving communications with patients.

Family members and friends can also reach out patients through a special email address. If you would like to send your love and support to someone during their hospital stay, you may send them an email letter, words of encouragement, and/or attach up to three photos to Please include the patient’s first and last name and room number (if you know it) in the subject line.

Another way to help is by donating twin, cotton blend blankets. When patients are discharged from Piedmont Fayette and transported via ambulance to another facility, there is not necessarily a blanket to cover and keep the patient warm while en route. The Piedmont Fayette Auxiliary is seeking donations of blankets to provide to patients being transported to another facility, such as rehabilitation centers or hospice.

Twin, cotton blend blankets (no fleece) may be dropped off Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Piedmont Fayette Auxiliary Office, 1279 Highway 54 West, 3rd Floor, Fayetteville, Ga 30214. Blankets may also be shipped or mailed to Piedmont Fayette Hospital Auxiliary Office, 1255 Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, GA 30214.

Perhaps the biggest thing the community can do to help Piedmont Fayette, and hospitals around the nation, is to continue to wear masks in public spaces, avoid large gatherings, maintain social distancing, and practice good hand hygiene.

Piedmont Fayette Hospital CEO Stephen Porter.
Piedmont Fayette Hospital CEO Stephen Porter.

“Earlier this year, Fayette County residents demonstrated their care for the people who care for them in their time of need by donating meals and supplies. It was heartwarming to see the support and it was truly appreciated,” said Steve Porter, CEO of Piedmont Fayette. “Now, we all need to care for each other by doing our part and trying to reduce the spread of Covid-19.”

If you have questions about making a donation of any items to Piedmont Fayette, send an email to