As weeks turn into months we are creating a sense of normalcy around Coved’s crazy. Businesses continue to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and desperately crave our support. After 4 months of “hunkering down” the only place to go is up and out. From curbside service to social distance dining in life may never quite the same but together we make I better.

So like many of you, I’m venturing out with my little one in tow to shop local and eat local. This week I had to stop in Waffle House on Hwy 54 and Gingercake. Love their immediate response to Coved and how they find simple yet effective ways to keep us safe. No staff member there has been let go due to this global pandemic and for good reason.  Feels like family there. Which is one of the many reasons you #GottaLoveFayetteville! See ya next week.


The New Girl in Town💜💛💚