Hey Fayetteville, how’s your tissue stash holding up? There’s an old wives tale that states what you think about most controls your life. Considering how our normalcy is being tossed around like Cobb salad it’s safe to say we may not be in the best spirits. I’m there with you so let’s try to change that in a few paragraphs.

What rules you can fool you.

Sooooooooo, if you spend most of your time focused on negative thoughts – anger with others, fear that you will lose something you want, resentment over what you do for others versus what they do for you — you are controlled by negativity. Negativity, sooner or later, will show up in other parts of your life. It’s impossible to feel happiness and serenity with a head filled with angry, critical, or judgmental thoughts. So let’s flip the switch…

Change your thoughts, change your life.

According to Harvard studies, the scientific community has identified practices that can help you create and sustain a positive attitude toward your future, which can help you have a brighter future. Here are a few tips you can start to implement immediately, regardless of your Coronavirus circumstances:

  • Journal the Good. Whatever we focus on becomes the centerpiece of our life. Write about what brings you the most gratitude even in these trying times and you will find more and more things for which to feel thankful.
  • Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is being completely present in the moment rather than thinking about something that already happened or something that might happen in the future.
  • Savor little pleasures. Slow down and do things with more mindfulness. Eat slowly, tasting food, chewing it fully. Speak slowly, paying attention to words. Take leisurely walks and relish scenery while practicing social distancing of course.
  • Emphasize the positive. Resilience, or the ability to recover after setbacks, is associated with willingness to find the silver linings in life. Find the serenity in it all and BREATHE my friends. Nobody can tell you they have all the answers right now and that’s okay. Take time to check on your strong friends all while understanding being weak is okay too. I wish you all bleach, tissue, and face masks! Come back soon and let’s do this all over again cuz ya #GottaLoveFayetteville💚💜💛
    The New Girl in Town
    Thais Mills


  1. Giving us readers great steps to clear up our head space is a great way promote thinking in what could be labelled difficult times! I will most definitely practice some of the practical steps you given and I thank you for your encouraging words!

    André J. Batiste