Schools seek input on virtual learning


Fayette County Public Schools will launch a survey the week of May 18 to get feedback from students, parents and teachers about their experiences with virtual learning during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) school closure.

An invitation to take the online survey, produced by Hanover Research, will be delivered to stakeholder groups through their Infinite Campus (IC) accounts on Monday, May 18. Respondents will have through May 28 to complete the survey.

The data will provide useful insights by giving a sense of how well learning in a totally online platform has worked, and what needs to be improved if more long-term virtual instruction is needed in the future.

Parents and teachers who do not receive an IC notification about the survey on May 18 should contact the school system so that a link can be sent to them.


  1. It seems responsible for Fayette County Public Schools to seek experiential input from the virtual learning community. However, Fayette County Public Schools is amiss considering that community as the school system stakeholders. If they do, there is no justification for collected taxes.

  2. The question is to open ended. The school closing was no necessary for the kids, as the virus does not affect kids, not even as much as the flu. I remember last Nov and Dec there were so many kids out with the flu but yet the schools remained open. To protect the teachers who may have gotten this virus from a kid being a possible carrier (when at the time we did not know much about this virus) yes, closing the school for a couple of weeks was prudent….so the online process was a second step and handled properly. But no, we should not have shut the schools for so long and we need to reopen schools in August (if schools are closed, parents with jobs have to stay home, and if parents have to stay home, the economy is going to continue to tank). We need to adapt like we have adapted to all situations but get on with life.