Smith and Davis opens online store

Tony Davis and the team at Smith and Davis created an online store for customers last week.

Smith and Davis Clothing debuted a brand new online store last week. Special sales and deals are available while the store itself is closed during the COVID-19 crisis. Gift cards, redeemable when the store reopens, are available for 20% off.

An iconic local business, Smith and Davis marks 55 years of service to the community this year. Tony Davis, son of store founder Ronald Davis, has never seen a time like this in his 37 years at the store.

“We’re planning to reopen when it’s safe, but in the meantime, we appreciate the support of our loyal customers who will even find some tent sale (50% off) deals in our online store.”

Smith and Davis enjoys the support of a loyal multi-generational customer base. Many people who bought their athletic shoes and school apparel at Smith and Davis decades ago now bring their own children and grandchildren in for the same thing.

In a market that has seen the rise of major retail outlets and big box stores, not to mention the massive move to online buying, Smith and Davis has not only survived, they’ve thrived. The key to this phenomenon is service, Davis says.

“We are hands-on and try to make sure you get the right product,” Davis says. “We take care of our customers and stay in touch so we know what they’re looking for.

Shipping is free for orders placed online and new brands and styles are added daily.

“We thank you for your support and business during these hard times,” Davis says. “We look forward to seeing you again in person soon.”

Visit Smith and Davis Clothing’s online store at:

The Davis family has been selling quality family clothing and shoes since 1965.