Social distancing implemented by the Fayette County government


Though Fayette County government offices are closed to the public until April 30, County Commission meetings will be held and open to the public under certain guidelines.

Fayette County Clerk Tameca White said commissioners will continue to hold the regularly scheduled board meetings for Thursday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday, April 21 at 2 p.m.

White said in an effort to remain consistent with state and federal guidance and mitigate transmission of COVID-19 virus, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners Office has temporarily updated its Public Meeting procedures as follows:

• Prior to entry of the Public Meeting Room a representative with the Department of Public Health will be on-site to take temperatures. If deemed to have an elevated temperature, visitors will be encouraged to view the meeting via livestream at through the county’s website or on Comcast channel 23, but out of caution, will not be allowed to enter the Public Meeting room.

• Sheriff’s deputy will be onsite to ensure that those at the door maintain six-feet distance and that the seating protocol is adhered.

• The commissioners’ seating has been rearranged with three commissioners seated at the dais and the two remaining commissioners being seated at a table placed in front of the dais. All seating has been measured and spaced six-feet apart, in an effort to maintain social distancing regulations.

• The audience and county staff seating has also been arranged six-feet apart. This has substantially limited audience seating.

Once seating capacity is reached, citizens will be encouraged to view the public meeting via livestream through the county’s website or on Comcast channel 23. Citizens are always encouraged to submit questions, comments, and concerns to:

The goal of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners is for all citizens to remain healthy and safe. We take these precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 from person-to-person, and we encourage all to continue to practice proper hand washing protocols, social distancing, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, White said.

Fayette County announced March 26 that county offices are closed to the public until April 30, in an abundance of caution concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Fayette County staff will continue to report to work and conduct business as usual to ensure county services remain operational.

This public closure is designed to limit social contact. While closed Fayette County will continue to limit social interaction among departments and other facilities, said White.

“We ask our residents to contact us via phone, e-mail, or our website to keep exposure to a minimum,” White said.

Contact information for staff is available on the website at, then navigate to the desired department on the left of the website.

Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson. File photo.
Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson. File photo.

“Over the next 30 days, we will expand employees telecommuting in the work force and focus on ensuring the most critical government services remain operational,” County Administrator Steve Rapson said.

Rapson said plans includes leaving in place the April Commission public meetings, which are open to the public, while implementing new protocols for screening those in attendance.

“We will continue to follow the Governor’s order for gatherings and ensure all persons in attendance maintain at least six feet at all times by spacing public chairs and reconfiguring the Commission seating,” said Rapson.

In other measures previously put in place:


All parks and activity areas are closed. Only trails within the parks are open.

Animal Control

Volunteers are restricted to come to the shelter until public closing is lifted.
Adoptions will be handled online.

Intake is being limited to emergency calls only.
Animals are being taken for medical treatment in cases of life threatening emergency.

Code Enforcement

Continuing to accept complaints via their web address and phone line.

Complaints will be investigated as thoroughly as possible with the exception of contact with the general public.

Notice of Violation forms will be mailed to violators.

Alcohol Employee Permits will be placed on hold – process involves at least two other county departments.

Tourist Accommodation Permits will be placed on hold – process requires approvals from other county departments.

Applicants will be advised to discontinue their advertisements until such time that our offices are reopened and approvals can be obtained.


The March 24, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary along with its associated early, In-Person voting has been postponed.

All early voting at the Fayette County Administrative Complex, the Peachtree City Library, and the Tyrone Town Hall has stopped.

Postponement was made after Georgia Secretary of State directed 2020 Presidential Preference Primary be postponed across the entire state.

Voters may continue to request Absentee by Mail ballots by contacting the Fayette County Board of Elections at 770-305-5408.

The Presidential Preference Primary will resume in conjunction with the General Primary Election.