County doing advanced planning, creates virus web page

Screen shot of Fayette County's coronavirus information page.
Screen shot of Fayette County's coronavirus information page.

The continuing presence of COVID-19 in Georgia and the U.S. has led to Fayette County conducting advanced local planning from a “plan for the worst, hope for the best” perspective and creating a web page containing relevant information on the virus.

Located on the county’s website, the new page can be found at

County Administrator Steve Rapson said the new page is an effort to keep residents informed by providing relevant literature and links.

The primary source of information about COVID-19, can be accessed from the Centers for Disease Control at or the Fayette County Health Department at

Rapson said the consensus among county staff and local health officials is we may need to plan for disruption of services for an extended period of time.

“Department heads are meeting and brainstorming about what could go wrong if there is a localized outbreak or emerging threat, what kinds of disruptions could we face and how those services could be managed,” Rapson said. “Again, plan for the worst, hope for the best – but have a plan.”

Rapson said staff will continue to raise awareness within each department, share available and credible information and have already stepped-up sanitation practices.

We are using this time to review and revise our business continuity plans and will continue to work closely with our health officials and schedule regularly meetings internally to strategize on any response, said Rapson.

“Again, safeguarding public health and safety is our top priority, and we are taking recommended actions to make sure we protect our citizens, our first responders and our county staff, so that we can continue essential county services with healthy people delivering them,” Rapson said. “Certainly, this is unknown territory and we are preparing contingency plans to address these concerns.”

Rapson said county staff has been monitoring the outbreak since it has entered the country, and has been taking a proactive approach for preparing locally in the event it becomes a threat or higher risk.