Let them drink milk


I tried but I could not avoid watching the train wreck in Washington, aka the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump.

It used to be the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, but some Congressperson last month thought it super important to have his full middle name on the impeachment documents. Nuff said about petty silly political antics.

After a few hours watching the first day, I decided I did not have to watch much more. I also reaffirmed that nothing that was going to be said during this trial was ever going to change anyone?s mind, opinion or in the case of the Senators — their vote.

So, it is pretty much a waste of time except for those Democrat house managers/Congresspeople collecting soundbites for their reelection ads.

I did however learn something new, and that is during an impeachment hearing the Senators had to be present all day every day and could not speak out on the floor or even with each other, nor could they have access to cell phones or Twitter. This is clearly proof that the founders created our government Under God.

And most interesting was that the Senators could not have food or drink during the trial except for water or milk.

It used to be just water but some time in the last century they added milk to the approved menu. They thought was it was a good treatment for ulcers back then. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

I can’t help but wonder why some Senator would not propose a rule change (even a temporary one) to allow coffee, tea, bourbon , yogurt or trail mix as an approved item during these 12-hour sessions that are destined to go beyond midnight for another 2 or 3 weeks.

You would think that regardless of a Senator’s love for or hatred against Donald John Trump, there would be 51 votes that could keep the Senators a few steps up from simple hydration. My old friend Johnny Isakson could have gotten this done.

So, after turning off the TV and listening to my sensible (although strange to some relatives) music selection — Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joel, Sinatra, CCR, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme and Dropkick Murphys — I started to wonder about 15 or 20 years in the future when the Libertarians (replacing the useless Republicans) in Congress decide to impeach Democrat President Chelsea Clinton or Chelsea Handler or the artist formerly known as Justin Bieber or whomever the Millennial voters decided to elect.

Of course it will be easier to impeach then because of the actions of today’s non-leaders — I’m looking at you, Nancy Pelosi.

I started to wonder about how Gen-X and Millennial Senators would be able to deal with the water- and milk-only rule and whether or not they and the rest of us would have brain implants that would enable us to tweet and communicate without external electronic devices, but then I fell asleep.

Awaking to Ella and Mel doing a scat song duet followed by CCR’s “Round the Bend,” I decided none of this stuff really matters.

Rick Schlosser

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Quick ending would be good, slam dunk would be best. I believe there is an opportunity to vote to dismiss after the President’s defense presentation ends. Then there is a chance to call witnesses that the House of Reps didn’t. I don’t believe for aq minute that a vote for either of those two either way will not satisfy the rabid wing of the Pelosi party and the Soros money egging them on.

    Then there is the vote to go through all the motions – even allowing a few witnesses (adding a few weeks to the process) and then and only then – vote to acquit or declare the President Not Guilty of the 2 articles of impeachment. Even this won’t silence the extremists, but it will hamstring them and keep them off the stage until the election – and the election is pretty soon.

    Paqraqphraqsing Ted Cruz, an acquital says “Not guilty of these charges – don’t come back unless you have something better”. That won’t shut them up or prevent more last minute leaked phone calls, but it gives Trump an effective answer to Pelosi’s “Forever impeached” and that would be Trump is “Forever Not Guilty”.

  2. I called Sen. Purdue’s number in DC on Tuesday Morning after the Senate allowed a full day Monday for the Dems to throw in all kinds of extra uncorroborated inuendos and hearsay not part of the actual articles of impeachment inuendos and hearsay. My message was simple, Sen. McConnel promised that the Senate would not be like the circus that was the House impeachment hearings, but the clowns are already in the ring! Shut this down as quickly as possible!

    I intend to call every day next week and encourage all who care about our country to do the same.

    • The impeachment failure was a month ago and it has already faded into the big nothing it always was.

      Maybe we can elect Congresspeople based upon maturity and reality. We have a chance in November – all 435 are up for reelection. Please vote for the ones who appear sane.