Peachtree City dog attack results in injuries to woman and her small dog


A Peachtree City woman was cited and her dogs quarantined following a Jan. 19 incident where her two German shepherds left the yard and attacked a 63-year-old woman and one of her dogs.

The incident occurred at a residence on Heartwood Place as a 63-year-old woman was walking her two small dogs, said Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt, adding that the owner of the two German shepherds was in her front yard with her dogs as the victim passed by the home.

The German shepherds left the yard, bit the woman and caused lacerations on one of the small dogs, said Hyatt. The dogs were subsequently separated, he said.

The woman took her dog to a vet in Fayetteville where the dog was treated, and where EMS arrived to treat the victim’s bite, Hyatt said.

Fayette County Animal Control was notified, placing the shepherds in quarantine and citing the owner, said Hyatt.