Ferguson touts North American trade agreement

U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson
U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Drew Ferguson (Dist. 3, R-Ga.) released the following statement following the announcement the House will vote on the United-States-Canada-Mexico-Agreement:

“After the Democrat majority held off a floor vote for months while playing politics, the American people will finally see the benefits of the USMCA trade agreement. As a member of the committee that handles trade – the House Ways and Means Committee – it has been an honor to work with Ranking Member Kevin Brady and other Committee members to support the efforts of President Trump and the administration to renegotiate NAFTA. This is clearly a better deal for American businesses and workers.

“This agreement will level the global playing field for American businesses and implement policies that will build upon the growing successes we have seen from tax reform and deregulation. By opening new markets for the United States to sell more American products abroad, the outlook for our manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, tech workers, small businesses, and American consumers is once again positive.

“After years of sluggish recovery, our economy is booming again and growing 50 percent faster than projected. America is once again the most competitive place in the world to do business and thanks to the hard work of President Trump, the USMCA will help continue that growth. I was proud to be the conservative voice in the room at the White House to emphasize the trade priorities of my neighbors in the Third District, and again in Ottawa with Ways and Means Committee members to voice the importance of this trade agreement.

“As Chief Deputy Whip, I will have the honor of working alongside Republican Whip Steve Scalise to deliver a big vote in support of President Trump’s trade deal.”


  1. Well done Representative Ferguson!
    As the next election cycle gets underway way too soon, we all need to ensure that we maintain and gain seats in the House lest we spend the the next 5 years dealing with radicals willing to sacrifice the well being of all Americans to those who live in an alternate reality where our President and anyone supportinng him must be not only removed, but ultimately destroyed.
    We know that our representative voted against impeachment and we know who voted for it. Time to act and support Rep. Ferguson and work to replace those too weak or corrupt to acknowledge the purely partisan attack on our republic of which they were a part. History will recognize the actions against the 45th President as the attempted coup that it clearly is.