School zone speeding cameras coming to Fayetteville?


Council to consider use of speed detection cameras in school zones —

An informational item on the Dec. 5 agenda of the Fayetteville City Council considered the possible installation of cameras by Blue Line Solutions, LLC to detect speeders in school zones in the city traveling more than 10 miles over the limit beginning one hour before classes begin and concluding one hour after classes end.

Compliant with state law, the matter will be forwarded to the Fayette County Board of Education for consideration and will return to the council at a later date for a potential vote. The council at that time will also be provided with a map showing the specific locations where the cameras would be located.

House Bill 978 passed and became effective in July 2018 (O.C.G.A 40-14-18). The statute notes that “The speed limit within any school zone as provided for in Code Section 40-14-8 and marked pursuant to Code Section 40-14-6 (dealing with the size and placement of warning signs) may be enforced by using photographically recorded images for violations which occurred only on a school day during the time in which instructional classes are taking place and one hour before such classes are scheduled to begin and for one hour after such classes have concluded when such violations are in excess of ten miles per hour over the speed limit, according to

Making the case for using the cameras, Deputy Chief Robert Mask in recent letter said, “With increasing residential areas growing close to schools, pedestrian traffic has increased. By using this tool, it will help law enforcement reduce the number of traffic-related accidents, injuries, fatalities and crime. The photo speed enforcement program will assist the police department with manpower issues during daily operations. It is the department’s goal to provide a safe environment for the children, citizens and motorists within these areas.”

Mask noted that Blue Line Solutions will provide the department with a no-cost solution to provide a safer and more efficient form of traffic enforcement within the school zones associated within the city limits of Fayetteville.

School zones in Fayetteville to be considered include the Lafayette Education Center on Lafayette Avenue, Fayetteville Elementary School on Hood Avenue, the former Fayette Middle School on Grady Avenue and Cleveland Elementary School and Bennett’s Middle School on Lester Road.

A speed study conducted at the Lester Road schools from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. during Sept. 9-13, in a 35 mile-per-hour speed zone, showed 14,707 vehicles passing through the area, with 5,178 of those vehicles traveling more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Mask said if approved by the council and before being activated, the public will be provided information from the department by a press release and given a 30-day warning period before actual enforcement is taken place.

Mask said proper signage is posted visible to a driver’s eye as vehicles approach from either direction of travel before entering into the school zone, reiterating that violations will only be monitored during school zone hours.

Mask said the equipment will be provided and constructed by Blue Line Solutions in the school zones with no cost to the police department or anyone else. The equipment used will be a proper signage alerting drivers that they are entering a school zone with reduction in speed. The post will be housing a LIDAR (laser) to obtain the correct speed of the passing vehicles and followed by a camera that will take several photographs of the vehicle, one having a red box indicating where the (LIDAR) laser was activated on the vehicle. The second photograph will contain the vehicles registration (TAG) number.

Once the violation/image has been captured, it is sent via wireless to BLS located in Chattanooga, Tenn., for the first review. Once a bundle has been reviewed, these violations will be sent to the police department for review a second time. A certified law enforcement officer with the police department will review the violations/images to verify that the vehicle registration (TAG) coincides with the vehicle make and model. After this review, the violations/images are sent back to BLS with an accurate verification. BLS will then mail a civil citation to the vehicle’s registered owner. Ga. law established the fine for these violations at $75 plus a processing fee of up to $25 for the first violation and $125 for a second violation. If a driver contests the violation, the Fayetteville Municipal Court will have a civil court date set aside once a month to hear these civil cases, Mask said.

CORRECTION: The headline was corrected from “red light cameras” to “school zone speeding cameras” to reflect the fact that in this proposal no red lights are involved.


  1. I have worked Law Enforcement for 47 years and now volunteer in court and found myself amazed at the costs of traffic fines and penalties today. I do agree we must enforce slower and safer traffic flow around our schools, but cameras are not going to do this. It WILL provide money to the courts. I have heard the costs around the sales pitch for these cameras and can assure you it is cheaper and more effective to put law enforcement around the effected schools. All cars slow down immediately at the sight of a LEO Vehicle, not a camera on a pole. This can be done today at every roll call. It has always been our job, tell them do be there at school hours. If you need more Police then hire them.

  2. The title of the story is wrong: Red-light cameras are lights that sit at intersections and catch motorists running red lights–generally motorists who are following all the rules but are caught with too short of yellows. Speed cameras in school zones is what this is all about. If you want to improve safety, push police enforcement around school zones–best deterrent ever. Flashing signage also is a great safety technique ! Check out why there are so many issues with speed cameras

  3. I applaud the effort and think we should introduce the same throughout the County and Peachtree City. There are too many speeders in the school zones during the posted reduced speed limit times. I once asked a lady if she realized she blew through a school zone in what seemed to be in excess of 40 miles per hour. Her reply was that she had never been ticked. Maybe I’m not really taxed until I’m audited.

  4. The camel’s nose under the tent. Next will be red light and speeding camera’s.

    A better solution (for the child’s safety as opposed to revenue) is for flashing signage to advise of the reduced speed at school hours.

  5. I can’t believe Fayette citizens are stupid enough to allow these cameras. They are just a money making machine for useless politicians and government, and the companies that make them. Texas has banned them and the state of Georgia should do the same. These camera companies and the local governments use PROPAGANDA to sell these cameras to citizens. I urge all people who consider themselves conservatives, Libertarians, or Constitutionalists to research this issue. These cameras are ONLY for making money and they don’t provide anymore safety and speed bumps/humps, signs, and educating the public works just as well, it has been proven. The government wants these cameras to MAKE MONEY and they want people to speed so they can make that money. They use propaganda (like it is all for the safety of children) and it is all pure %100 BS. These camera companies and the government and law enforcement just want to make quick easy money so they can waste it on their nonsense. Fayette citizens need to step up and act like they are conservatives if they want Fayette County to actually be a conservative county. Traffic ticket cameras of any kind just make it harder for working people and law abiding citizens. They are just another way for the government to tax people. There are plenty of proven ways to stop speeding anywhere, not just school zones, that don’t charge people, but they want the MONEY. These cameras are all about the money and it is sad that Georgia voters who claim to be conservative or Libertarian vote for or allow this nonsense. Just say no to ticket cameras in Georgia!!!! Just because the government and corporations can think of new ways to screw citizens out of money doesn’t mean we should allow it. Research the issue and fight against ticket cameras in Fayette County and in Georgia. I am sick and tired of law enforcement working against law abiding citizens rather than with us like it is supposed to be. Money, money, money is all they care about when they should help citizens be law abiding and there are plenty of FREE ways to do that without taxing us every kind of way they can. This is especially an important issue for working class and lower income and poor people. The bad guys are not going to be paying these fines, but the good people will because that is why the government use these cameras is they are a MONEY MAKING MACHINE and they make tons of money off of them and they want you to speed. Georgia needs to learn from Texas and stop this nonsense. NO TICKET FINES FROM CAMERAS FOR GEORGIANS. Let’s put these ticket camera companies out of business in Georgia and the USA. No more taxes!!!