North Fayetteville has rash of car break-ins


Fayetteville police detectives are investigating a rash of entering auto incidents that occurred Oct. 23 along Pavilion Parkway on the city’s north side.

In total, there were five vehicles entered on Oct. 23 at businesses along Pavilion Parkway.

Although entering auto incidents commonly involve thefts from vehicles that are unlocked, these incidents came with windows busted or locks punched.

Items stolen included clothing, a laptop, a wallet and miscellaneous items. Two of the vehicles were rummaged through with nothing taken.

There was an additional entering auto the same day, occurring outside a Banks Crossing business. In that incident, the rear passenger window was busted and a checkbook stolen.

Law enforcement agencies across Fayette County have long-maintained that the majority of entering autos occur when a vehicle is left unlocked, whether at home or in the community. While not all entering auto crimes are preventable, as in the case of forced entries noted above, officers always recommend that these crimes can be mitigated by never leaving valuables in plain sight.