FCHS orchestra students perform for world renowned string composer 

Fayette County High School Orchestra students perform for composer. Photo/Fayette County School System.
Fayette County High School’s orchestra performing “Impact” for string composer Bob Phillips using a virtually interactive program. Photo/Fayette County School System.

It’s not every day you hear musicians having the opportunity to perform a piece of music for the creator of that music, but orchestra students at Fayette County High School did just that.

Combining technology and music, Fayette County’s talented chamber orchestra performed for world renowned string composer Bob Phillips using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a virtually interactive program.

Phillips listened as students performed his piece “Impact” which he wrote as a tribute to his music teacher, and tohonor the impact teachers have on the lives of others.

After the performance, Phillips said, “This is one of the best performances I’ve heard and I don’t say that about just anyone.”

Breaking down the music step by step, Phillips provided students with helpful feedback to improve their performance skills.

“This was such an exciting opportunity for my students and I am so grateful to Mr. Phillips for taking the time to teach my students something new,” says Patti Davis, Fayette County High School’s orchestra teacher.