Peachtree City Council to consider $42.5 million in spending

City Hall in Peachtree City. File photo.

Peachtree City Council members Thursday night will make it official: The city plans to spend $39.3 million beginning Oct. 1 with its new operating budget and another $3.27 million for capital improvement projects.

The Fiscal Year 2020 budget is on the agenda as is about $1.24 million to buy equipment for Public Safety Services, including 10 new police vehicles as replacements. Another $755,000 is allocated for Leisure Services. That includes $320,000 for upgrades to All Children’s Playground, $260,000 for a new floor and lighting upgrades for the Kedron gymnasium, and $175,000 to pave Meade Field parking for girls softball.

At the same time, the council is expected to approve the hotel-motel tax fund budget of $1.7 million, the $2.5 million stormwater utility fund budget, and the $1.48 million amphitheater budget.

The city plans to keep the same ad valorem tax rate as this year, but it’s expected to bring in more money because of increased city property values.

Public Safety — which includes the police department and fire and emergency services — as usual gets the biggest share of the budget at $16.1 million. Public Works comes in second at nearly $9 million, followed by recreation and special events at $2 million.

Recreation facilities users will see a bump in fees in everything from field lighting costs to the Drake Field Pavilion.

In other action, the council is expected to prohibit golf cart access to Senoia and Rockaway roads except where authorized crossing are located. Another new rule for golf cart drivers is the presumption of stop signs at any part of the cart path system where it intersects a public street. The new rule also requires path users — cart or otherwise — to yield the right of way to any traffic at intersections or close to intersections on a public roadway.

In anticipation of adopting the new budget millage rate, the council will set a schedule of public hearings required whenever a local government plans to impose a tax increase. Staff is expected to discuss rules and regulations for the city’s multi-use path system.

The meeting is open to the public and starts at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.