Peachtree City planners say no to $500K lakefront condos

Peachtree City Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.
Peachtree City Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.

A rezoning proposal to construct 25 attached condos on on a 5-acre peninsula adjacent to Lake McIntosh got a thumbs down from the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The vote at the Oct. 22 meeting to recommend that the City Council deny the request to rezone the property to LUR (limited use residential) was 3-1, with Commissioner Paul Gresham opposed.

The 5.1-acre lakefront property, essentially forming a peninsula, off TDK Boulevard is adjacent to and southwest of the Planterra golf course, west of Falcon Field and surrounded on three sides by Lake McIntosh Park. The site would be accessed by TDK Boulevard.

Currently zoned GI (general industrial), Chadwick Homes plans is requesting the construction of 25 condominiums with a point price of approximately $500,000.

Chadwick representative Jerry Peterson noted provisions of the 1985 Land Use Plan noting, “… some MDMF (medium-density multi-family) should also be constructed near the industrial park, so as to permit close work/home relationships.”

Peterson in an April letter said that, while zoned industrial, the site is on longer appropriate for an industrial building.

“There have been years of attempts to market this parcel as industrial or office, but with no success because of the remote location and other factors. Southpark still has some industrial parcels on the golf course after years of marketing,” said Peterson.

Jerry Peterson speaks to the Peachtree City Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.
Jerry Peterson speaks to the Peachtree City Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Peterson at the Oct. 22 meeting equated the property to a “left over piece of land” that is isolated, with open space around it.

“There is no comparable site like this in Peachtree City. There’s a lot of interest in this,” Peterson said.

City planning staff did not recommend approval, noting that the proposal did not conform to the future land use plan.

Most on the board agreed.

While the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) said condos would not be a navigational problem, Chairman Frank Destadio cited significant safety concerns pertaining to potential air crashes, asking, “Is it a safe place to live?”

Destadio noted past airplane crashes in the immediate area, also citing concerns about noise and the belief that the property would be best used as an industrial site.

Commissioners J.T. Rabun and Lisa Ann Curtis, along with alternate Commissioner Michael Link, essentially agreed with Destadio’s position dealing with safety and noise issues and the “fit” of residential in the area. Curtis also questioned if the condo residents would be respectful of the adjacent golf course property.

Commissioner Paul Gresham responding to commissioners’ comments on the safety concerns for residences in proximity to the airport said the airport has more traffic during the daytime hours, adding that an office building would be occupied by employees during the daytime hours.

Gresham added his belief that the property would not be appropriate for industrial uses, though use for an office building would be appropriate.

Next stop for the rezoning request is the City Council.