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A shout-out to Joe Domaleski and his super-talented crew at Country Fried Creative for their for finding a great news theme and getting us into it in record time (delayed only by a certain editor who always comes up with questions at the last minute).

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  1. Yes, the new look is snazzy!
    Looking forward to sharing thoughts and opinions. I probably will be kind and polite unless utter foolishness is exhibited

  2. Terrific job guys on the new website redesign.
    The new website really looks much more modern, sleek and fresh!
    My only hope/concern is that without the Facebook login requirement to comment, those who post comments don’t come to stir up hatred and nonsensical rants behind the cover of anonymous account.

    Again – Great looking newsite.

    • Not sure what your criteria would be to fall in the “stir up hatred and nonsensical rants” pot – but lately it seems that just mentioning the T word would fall in that category?

  3. “You don’t have to be on Facebook to comment any longer. We do recommend civility and common courtesy in any comments you post.” Ha, good luck with that!

    Even though some commenters created fake Facebook accounts so they could still make nasty comments – the Facebook feature did cut down on the ugly comments somewhat. We’ll see how civil the comments will be from “the good citizens” of Fayette when they can hide behind an avatar again.

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