Here’s who’s paying for the negative political mailers in the Georgia Senate District 16 race


Fayette residents are receiving negative political mailers directed against Sen. Marty Harbin, (R) Tyrone, incumbent candidate for Georgia Senate District 16. A mailer received this week depicts Harbin as a “Swamp Creature.” People on both sides of the political aisle are criticizing the smear tactics in social media. Perhaps you’re wondering who’s paying for the mailers?

According to the return address, the mailer is paid for by the Georgia Coalition for Job Creation. The Georgia Coalition for Job Creation, Inc., filed for Political Organization 527 Status with the IRS on April 7, 2014. Since that time, through Jan. of 2017, funds have poured into the organization from major donors including:

  • AGL Resources Georgia PAC, $25,000
  • AT&T, $105,000
  • Coca-Cola North America, $50,000
  • Cousins Properties, $10,000
  • Delta Airlines, $50,000
  • Ga Chamber Political Affairs Council, Inc. PAC, $25,000
  • Ga Chamber of Commerce Independent Expenditure Committee, $50,000
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce State PAC, $45,000
  • Georgia Power Company, $200,000
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce PAC, $120,000
  • MGM Resorts International, $10,000
  • Newell Rubbermaid, $25,000
  • Pruitt Health, $25,000
  • Suntrust Good Government Group, $25,000
  • The Home Depot, $25,000
  • Yancey Bros. Co., $25,000

At the time of this post, the Coalition has not filed any campaign contribution reports on the state’s reporting website in 16 months, since January of 2017. Georgia law requires a report to be filed two weeks before the primary election. The deadline for the May 22 primary would have been Tuesday, May 8. No report had been filed as of the close of business on May 9.

Here are the campaign contribution reports the organization has filed with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission since the Coalition’s inception as well as the organization’s IRS filings.








2015-01-08_Georgia_CJC_ reportPDF



Georgia Coalition for Job Creation Form 8871 IRS Status 77081

Georgia Coalition for Job Creation 2014 From 990 IRS 465314622-990POL-01

Georgia Coalition for Job Creation 2015 990 Form IRS 465314622-990POL-02