Thieves strike northeast Fayette neighborhood


The period of April 30 – May 5 came with eight entering autos in a northeast Fayette County neighborhood and a reported burglary in the same area.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the entering auto incidents occurred on May 3 at residences off Westbridge Road in northeast Fayette. The incidents occurred on Fairfield Circle, Covered Bridge Way, Englewood Drive and Wagon Wheel Circle.

Babb said all of the vehicles were unlocked. The vehicles were ransacked with nothing taken in some of the incidents, while others had items stolen such as credit cards, earbuds, cash, a cell phone and a purse. One of the incidents had thieves entering an open garage to access the vehicle.

The crimes are believed to have occurred overnight, Babb said.

Also on May 3, a burglary occurred at a home on Covered Bridge Way when an open garage was entered and an empty laptop bag was stolen. The bag was found on the driveway while deputies were in the area investigating the entering auto reports.