Husband fires at man in wife’s bed, burns naked man’s clothes

Dainsworth Duane Harris. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A north Fayette County man faces multiple charges resulting from an Oct. 17 incident where he assaulted a man in the home of the woman from whom he was said to be separated.

Dainsworth Duane Harris, 34, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery, false imprisonment, battery and 3rd degree arson, according to Fayette County Jail records.

Sheriff Barry Babb said deputies at approximately 9:15 a.m. responded to a Westside Way residence off Ga. Highway 92 North in reference to a domestic disturbance involving two males.

Deputies arrived to find a naked man sitting in a vehicle near the residence, said Babb.

The man, who was the victim in the incident, told deputies he had arrived at the home of the woman he was dating, and subsequently removed most of his clothes and got into bed while the woman he had been dating for several months was in the shower. The victim told deputies he believed the woman was divorced, though it was later learned that, according to the woman, she and Harris were separated and in process of being divorced, Babb said.

The victim said a short time later the woman got in bed, then went downstairs. The home’s alarm system sounded, indicating that the garage door had opened, the victim told deputies.

Harris soon entered the bedroom, saying “What are you doing in my f-g house? You f-g my wife?” according to reports.

The victim said Harris, while pointing a gun at him, told him to stand up then struck him on the side of the head and a subsequently fired a shot that did not strike the victim, Babb said.

The victim said he was ordered to remove the remainder of his clothing and exit the house, according to reports.

Attempts to contact the female resident by phone were unsuccessful, said Babb.

SWAT team members arriving at the scene made contact with Harris, who said he arrived at the home and saw a strange vehicle in the driveway. Harris said he went upstairs and found the victim in bed. Harris told deputies he fired a warning shot and told the victim to leave the house, reports said.

Harris, upon being asked if he struck the victim, said he did not, then said he did not know and that he had blacked-out, adding that he suffers from PTSD. Harris maintained that he and the female in the home were still married and living together, adding that the woman told him the victim was just a friend, according to reports. Harris also said he had fired a warning shot at the male victim, reports said.

When questioned by deputies, the woman said Harris had moved most of his clothing out of the house and did not live there any more, adding that he drops by without notice on occasion but does not sleep there, Babb said.

After the male victim left, the woman said she told Harris the man was her boyfriend and that he should not mind since the two of them were separated, reports said, adding that the woman did not make eye contact with deputies while being questioned.

Deputies noted that Harris had taken the male victim’s clothes and belongings and set fire to them outside the home, reports said.

Harris was taken into custody and transported to the Fayette County Jail.