Christ’s different view of immigrants


Concerning the letter from Kim Carroll (“The left tells lies about immigration issue,” Sept. 20):

What an ironic (and to me, sad) opening line, referencing the cross of Christ before his(or her, my apologies) encouragement on strict enforcement of immigration laws.

It seems to me that one lesson of the cross is that the law is not uppermost in God’s mind. Justice is tempered by compassion, mercy and grace for the sake of relationship.

As followers of Christ, we have availed ourselves of these very things. Kneeling before the cross, did we ever hear a version of Kim’s closing statement: “… get in line and go through legal channels”? I am happy to say that I certainly did not.

Perhaps we can set aside our anger and fear and follow Christ’s example of radical acceptance.

Suzanne Sports
Peachtree City, Ga.