Brooks Christian members return from La Cruz mission trip


A team of four adults from Brooks Christian Church recently returned from a mission trip to La Cruz, Costa Rica, a part of Worldwide Disciple Makers International.

The team was lead by Debbie and Arlan Roan who lived and worked in La Cruz for almost three years. The trip was financially and spiritually supported by numerous donors from several states.

The focus of the seven-day mission was women and children. A Single Women’s Conference was hosted by the ladies of the team and the ladies of the local church. Single women were reminded of Biblical encouragement to divorced and widowed ladies. The attendees were gifted with hand-made tissue holders for purses.

A team of three people spent two full days in a local barrio school speaking English with the students. The teaching of English was conducted by a retired Georgia middle school teacher. English songs and picture books by acclaimed authors helped to strengthen the students’ recognition and pronunciation.  Each of the 270 students was gifted a pencil pouch with needed school supplies.

A Saturday morning VBS was conducted by the team and local church members. The theme of the VBS was Superheroes. The church was decorated with superhero decorations, punctuated with a visit by Bat Girl and Wonder Woman. Also visiting were two Bible heroes — Queen Ester and King David. The lessons centered on the heroic acts of these Bible characters, incorporating the craft of crowns.

The morning culminated with each of the 140 children being issued a brilliantly colored super hero cape with a silk screen of a shield and the words, “Jesus is my super hero” in Spanish.

The children were then allowed to “fly” around the church grounds. Again, during Sunday morning worship, the caped children “flew” around the church auditorium to the tune of “Jesus is my Super Hero.” At the close of VBS, all 140 children were fed a nutritious meal, followed by Fruit Loop treats for dessert. For some, this was the only meal of the day.

A monetary gift was left to help with construction on the church site that will increase the space for feeding the barrio children monthly and for additional classrooms for Bible instruction. Plans are being made for next year’s visit.

Those who would like to contribute to the feeding program for the barrio children may send checks to Brooks Christian Church, P.O. Box 207, Brooks, Georgia 30205.