Fayette County Development Authority wants 267-acre business park in west Fayetteville

Google satellite view of site for proposed office park being sought by the FCDA. Image/Google maps.

The Fayetteville City Council will get its first look Thursday at a proposed business park that could reshape the western side of the city and the middle of Fayette County.

The 267-acre site near Veterans Parkway and Ga. Highway 54 includes 21 acres owned by Jan Trammell that would require annexing into the city. The other 246 acres already inside the city includes property owned by the Lester family, the Rivers family, the Fayette County School System and Roy Jones.

Above, Google satellite view of site for proposed office park being sought by the FCDA. The site is bounded on the south by Ga. Highway 54 (shown as West Lanier Avenue on the map), and on the east and west by Veterans Parkway and Tyrone Road. Image/Google maps.

The applicant for the 246-acre tract is the Fayette County Development Authority represented by Rick Halbert. Halbert is involved in the preliminary development of nearby Pinewood Forrest. All of the property is seeking a rezoning from R-70 (Single Family Residential) to BP (Business Park).

The new comprehensive Plan, slated for adoption Thursday night, places this property in the Business Park character area.

Staff said business parks are intended to maximize the potential for job creation. This classification is for land dedicated to offices, research and development, healthcare and education. It will be supportive of other related uses such as hotels, restaurants, and small scale retail.

Business park sites will typically be over five acres and master planned to have easy internal circulation in a planned campus atmosphere.

Architectural styles will vary, but site design will have a character similar to that of a college campus with significant greenspace and pleasant pedestrian connections between buildings.

In its report, staff said the sites are clean, well landscaped, and heavily buffered. Buildings will be constructed with high quality building materials and have a modern design and appearance. This designation corresponds to the current Office and Institutional, Medical Office, and Business Park zoning districts. In general, business park uses will not generate significant truck traffic.

Staff recommends approval of the rezoning.