Whitewater High School teacher resigns after Antifa emails call him ‘pro-Nazi’

Anita members at June protest in Oregon. Shutterstock photo.

Whitewater High School English Language Arts teacher Joshua Hitson recently resigned his position at the school. Though there is no official comment on the move, Hitson’s resignation came in the wake of accusations made by the group Atlanta Antifascists, associated with the far-left movement known as “Antifa.”

Information allegedly pertaining to Hitson was featured prominently, and voluminously, on the Atlanta Antifascists website.

Above, a licensed stock photo from Shutterstock showing individuals taking part in an Antifa demonstration in Portland, Oregon in June of this year.

The website claimed an “extensive dossier on Hitson’s white power agitation and his pro-Nazi statements.”

Superintendent Jody Barrow earlier this month stated that the school system became aware of social media postings related to accusations pertaining to Hitson and that the high school was reviewing the issue.

The Fayette County Board of Education subsequently accepted his resignation.

The website said, “It appears that public pressure caused Hitson to leave Whitewater.”

Atlanta Antifascists maintained that the school system denied that they had seen “legitimate evidence” in the Hitson review.

Barrow on Aug. 24 said he has had no conversation with any external group concerning any employee.

Antifa emailed dossiers naming Hitson to The Citizen, after which the following email exchange took place:

“On 2017-08-11 18:42, Cal Beverly wrote:

“On the record, what does Atlanta Antifascists want to be done about Hitson? The assumption is that you want BoE or the school system (a public, government-run institution) to do something about Hitson. But what? Please specify.”

Antifa responded: “Thanks for the email.

“Joshua Hitson’s documented white power and antisemitic agitation means that he cannot possibly treat all students fairly. We believe Hitson has no place having power over students’ futures. Whitewater High School and the Fayette County Board of Education must first come to terms with the facts. Then, a public apology for its earlier avoidance and jeopardizing students would be apt. Obviously, we don’t think Hitson should be teaching at Whitewater or any other school.

“All the best,

“Atlanta Antifascists”

Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 addition of photo ID — A cutline was added to identify the people shown in the photo accompanying this story as Antifa protesters at a Portland, Oregon demonstration in June 2017.


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