Say goodbye to Lake Peachtree again

A view of Lake Peachtree during dredging in 2014. File photo.

Lake Kedron to be lowered some also

The Lake Peachtree spillway and dam project is about to get underway. The best way to keep up with the lengthy project is now located on the Peachtree City website.

Located on the homepage at, City Clerk Betsy Tyler provides a comprehensive look at the project and its various phases.

Above, a view of Lake Peachtree during dredging in 2014. File photo.

As for the current status of the project, bidding is underway and the work to begin lowering the lake for the construction of the spillway will begin on Aug. 28.

City council members at the Aug. 3 meeting were told that seven of the eight pre-qualified bidders attended the conference on the project. An award recommendation for the spillway and dam project is expected at the Aug. 17 council meeting.

The project is expected to see substantial completion, when the lake can begin filling, in May 2018, said City Manager Jon Rorie.

The multi-phase project, estimated to run approximately $4 million, will include a $2 million contribution from Fayette County.

The construction phase of the project comes with seven stages.

Stage 1 begins Aug. 28 with the initial lowering of Lake Peachtree by eight feet.

Stage 2, in September-October, will see the construction of the temporary coffer dam on the lake’s south side.

Stage 3, in November, will have Lake Kedron lowered two feet and Lake Peachtree raised two feet.

Stage 4, during December-February, will include construction of the new spillway foundation.

Stage 5, in February, will possibly raise Lake Peachtree another two feet.

Stage 6, during March-May, will have the new spillway, called a piano key weir, constructed.

Stage 7, during May and June, will return Lake Peachtree and Lake Kedron to full pool.

A section of cart path along Kelly Drive near the spillway will be closed when construction begins. Detour routes with applicable signage will be posted throughout the affected areas.