Nine Tyrone customers affected in water line break



Fayette County Water System employee Roy Lovett works to repair a water main break on Farr Road. Photo/Fayette County Water System.


Fayette County Water System employees on Sunday repaired a broken 10-inch main that affected the water supply to nine residential customers on Farr Road in Tyrone.

Water system Director Lee crews worked on the water main on Farr Road near Dogwood Trail and completed the repair Sunday afternoon.

The main break affected nine residential customers, who had boil water notices for the next 24 hours hand-delivered to their homes, Pope said.

Pope said the reason for the break in the 10-inch water main is not currently known.

A main break also occurred on July 27 along Ga. Highway 74 South near TDK Boulevard when Ga. Department of Transportation crews were working to raise a small portion of the roadway, said Pope.

A water line was struck, affecting 14 industrial customers on TDK and Dividend Drive, said Pope, adding that no residential customers were affected.

A boil water notice issued at the time of the break was canceled after 24 hours.