BB gun shots fired near Lake Peachtree



Two Peachtree City men on a golf cart on May 28 were targeted by a person in a vehicle shooting what appeared to be BBs. The period of May 26 through June 1 also came with counterfeit money being passed and the theft of five golf carts.

An incident apparently involving BBs shot from a vehicle at a golf cart on Ga. Highway 54 near Lake Peachtree did not result in serious injury, though two of the BBs hit one of the golf cart occupants.

A local resident reported that on May 28 at approximately 11:30 p.m. he and a friend were crossing the bridge at Lake Peachtree in a golf cart. While they were crossing the bridge they noticed a silver or gray SUV sitting in the Hwy. 54 turn lane and facing westbound, reports said.

The SUV began shooting what seemed like BB gun rounds at the men. The resident reporting the incident said he was unsure from what area of the vehicle the shots originated.

He heard eight “pings,” with one hitting him in the head, one in the leg and with one striking the golf cart. The resident said the SUV subsequently made a U-turn and began heading eastbound on Hwy. 54, according to reports.

A $50 counterfeit bill was passed at a business near The Avenue on May 26. The fake bill was used to pay for services rendered at a nail salon, reports said.

Officers on May 26 were notified that Sandy Springs police has arrested a Fairburn man who was seen taking mail out of mailboxes. Peachtree City was notified because one of the pieces of mail was addressed to a Peachtree City residence, according to police.

A golf cart was stolen on May 28 from a restaurant parking lot on Ga. Highway 54 North. No witnesses or video footage was available, said reports.

Another golf cart was stolen while charging and was found abandoned on a cart path near Sandown Drive on May 29, according to reports.

Also on May 29, officers responded to a Waterwood Bend residence in reference to an overturned golf cart. The cart had been left near the location by the owner’s daughter after it broke down. Sometime after that, an unknown person stole the cart and got about 50 yards before it either lost a wheel or was turned over intentionally, police reports said.

A fourth golf cart was reported stolen on May 29 from a Morgans Turn residence. A 2010 EZ-GO was stolen from the driveway. A witness said he saw two younger black males approach the residence on foot and take the cart, reports said.

The theft of a fifth cart, a 2013 EZ-GO, from a Stevens Entry residence was reported on May 29.