Branding Fayette as great place to live, work, create


In recent letters I have pointed out some things we need to be leery of in order to preserve our prosperous and lucrative status in future years.

This time, I am reporting to you that the county government and the municipalities have embarked upon a positive endeavor on branding our Fayette County lifestyle in anticipation of attracting the high quality, community minded families we need in future years to sustain our local economy.

So if we have the ability to attract those exceptional families, we should also be able to attract jobs of the same caliber.

This is the first and foremost time that we have seen genuine collaboration on building a unified brand in Fayette County. As you might guess, a unified branding effort prevents our local jurisdictions from working against each other, duplicating efforts and it provides more heft to our messaging outside our county’s boundaries.

The new position is “we all win” if any of our local jurisdictions attract ideal families and quality jobs. The old cliche about a rising tide lifting all boats applies to this effort.

It will not be enough for our local governments and businesses to push this new branding effort. We will need a sizable contribution from all our citizens, passing the brand along in your social media, placing the stickers on your rear windshields, wearing the t-shirts and sharing your affection for the place we live.

It’s definitely time to breakout your creative talents. Take your best photos of you and your family enjoying what our county has to offer. Do you video shorts of the place we call home. We want to be able to use your authentic footage to show what Fayette County is all about.

Fayette County is the best place to do business, both domestic and global corporations. Technology thrives in Fayette County and we are innovators. We have the finest neighborhoods in metro Atlanta and the best access to the world’s busiest airport. We love our recreation and greenspaces.

Let’s take it to the world.

Steve Brown, Commissioner
Fayette County Board of Commissioners
Peachtree City, Ga.