The election


I have been voting since the age of 21. I will be honest with you – recently having millions of people vote in our presidential election who had never noted before – and by their choice tell me who is going to govern me the next four years, does not set very well.

However, I take solace in the fact that I still have my freedom and can read about those who are not free. Most of my life I have been able to do as I please, when I pleased.

In hearing and reading of so many people in the world who cannot live in their own country at this time, I have to remember the fact I am in no danger of this fact becoming of concern to me. I do not have to gather up my children and all of us try getting on a small raft and heading out across miles of water to a country we hope lets us in.

We are ruled in America only by those whom we choose or vote to be ruled by. I know if that an individual does not follow my beliefs and values, whether local, state or national, can be voted out of office.

I do not know the horror of people who are not at all like me, pushing me around, taking my children away from me or taking relatives out of their beds at night, never to see them again.

There is comfort in knowing the only pieces of paper I HAVE to have on me at all times is a driver’s license and an insurance card for my car. I am free to go into Atlanta if I wish, or back to Ohio, and know that I won’t be stopped by law enforcement officials unless I’m speeding.

As we have all heard, we really don’t know what freedom is, until we have lost it. To ensure that this never happens to me, I vote in every election, I have always been active in civic endeavors, and I have long volunteered in city and county activities.

OK, I may not be a happy camper right now and be concerned about my friends who are a different color than me or worship at a different church than mine, but we all still have our freedom and can hang in there together to vote for a change.