Rumble strips set for Rockaway


The first of several upcoming traffic improvements to Rockaway Road in Senoia was approved Nov. 1 by the Coweta County Commission.

The commission approved a $1,500 low bid to install rumble strips on each side of the Rockaway Road approach to Heritage Pointe Parkway on Senoia’s north side.

Senoia will split the cost of the one-percent sales tax-funded project with the county so that each party contributes $750.

A second bid was received for the project, though that bid totaled $6,000.

Commissioners on Oct. 4 approved several intersection improvements on Rockaway Road. Commissioners on the recommendation of county staff approved operational safety improvement at the intersection that included enhanced signage and flashing beacons to warn Rockaway Road drivers of the intersection and the limited sight distance, installing rumble strips on each approach of Rockaway Road to the intersection and increased and strict enforcement of the existing posted speed limit on the roadway.

The approval also included beginning survey work that could lead to the installation of a mini-roundabout requiring drivers to reduce their rate of speed at the intersection.

If approved for installation, the mini-roundabout would cost approximately $75,000.

Commissioners voted unanimously on the intersection work recommended by county Transportation and Engineering Director Tod Handley and based on data from a Senoia-funded report by Integrated Science and Engineering.

Handley prior to the vote said Heritage Pointe Parkway intersects Rockaway Road near the crest of a hill. Due to the vertical curvature of Rockaway Road, intersection sight distance from Heritage Pointe Parkway is controlled in both directions by the surface of the roadway.

Handley said Senoia would be participating in the cost of the intersection improvements.

Report data noted the dramatic increase in traffic over the past few years.