Vote Trump for the good of our country


Could not stay quiet this time: I will vote for Donald Trump with much devotion. We have had the wrong leadership for too long.

The people choosing to drop out are not fit to be called a Republican. OK, when the going gets tough I’ll drop out. That’s what many are saying. Look back on a life, how many things have men said about women in private (if brought to see) are proud of the way they acted?

I agree about the beauty contestant; a little more poise could have been expressed by Mr. Trump. As a woman, common sense would tell you when a contest is over, there are still responsibilities to be met. Gaining over 50 pounds immediately, I would say piggy, piggy too.

Between the two running in the presidential election, how can anyone justify the corruption of Hillery Clinton? I agree, she should be in jail.

For the many not planning to vote, you are asked to search your heart for the good of our country. You will either win or lose.

Peggy Surles
Sharpsburg, Ga.