Get the youthful look with Bellafill at Ageless Wellness


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Fifty-two-year-old Jackie was go-ing to be in a wedding. All the other bridesmaids were much younger which made Jackie self-conscious.Because of her age, Jackie had lost natural fat volume in her face. She also had scarring from cystic acne.

And so she decided to visit Age-less Wellness Center in Peachtree City.

Jackie’s problem is common. “Starting at the age of 30, we lose approximately one cc of fat volume per year,” said nurse practitioner Linda Faulkner, FNP-C of Ageless Wellness.

“The fat volume is what gives us the youthful look. Bellafill is the perfect filler to replace that volume because it stimulates your own collagen and gives you the most natural youthful look.

“Bellafill is a bovine collagen that has these special PMMA molecules,” Faulkner explained. “When we inject it you have immediate re-sults. The PMMA molecules form a matrix that your own collagen builds upon.”

Ageless-Wellness-Closeup-Skin-Sponsored-Feature-WebBellafill is the only filler on the market that lasts five years. It’s FDA approved for nasal labial folds and also for scars. In fact, it’s the only FDA approved filler for acne scars.

At Ageless Wellness, both Linda Faulkner and Dr. Jamie Walraven are certified to inject Bellafill, and they do a lot of it. Ageless Wellness is the local leader of Bellafill, providing the highest volume in South Atlanta. Joan Birdsong, a licensed aesthetician, also worked with Jackie. “She did Bellafill, but she also had a full regimen of laser treatments, including laser peels and profractional laser treatment, until we got all her skin where we wanted it to be,” Birdsong said. “We corrected as many of the scars as we could with profraction, and then filled in with Bellafill.

“She loved the return of her youthful look,” Birdsong added. “Her scars are almost completely resolved. She felt beautiful at the wedding. Jackie has continued to invest in her face, and now she is preparing for her son’s wedding.”

Liz Lane is a nurse at Ageless Wellness. The 61-year-old is also a client.

“With Bellafill, we like to talk about it being a bank account. Liz lost almost over 30 ccs of fat volume in her face over the years. It’s not realistic for someone to replace all that volume in one go. So we created a plan. She continues to invest in her face and replace more and more volume,” said Birdsong.

For Lane, it’s a worthwhile investment. “Based on what I’ve done to this point, how I look out-side more matches how I feel inside,” said Lane. “I still feel younger inside than I reflect outside, but I’m catching up. And that’s just fun.”

“I’m seeing ladies, a certain population 60 and above of women who are going through divorce, or they are widowed,” Lane said. “And they are coming in and enhancing their look in a lovely, soft way. Making them feel good about themselves.”

A comprehensive approach is key to their client’s success, Faulkner said. “Our philosophy is to help you with the functional medicine, to get you to feel good on the inside. Then we want to help you feel good on the outside with aesthetics.”

Ageless Wellness offers functional medicine, including bioidentical hormones, and innovation through stromal vascular stem cell treatments. That’s along with a full line of aesthetic treatments, lasers and injectables, including the very effective Bellafill.

A typical session with Bellafill takes about two hours, Faulkner said. “We numb your face with cream for 30 minutes,” she said. “Depending on how much they are having done, Bellafill injections take an hour to an hour and a half. Bellafill has some lidocaine in it, so it’s not a painful experience. And then it lasts five years, which is unheard of for other fillers.”

At Ageless Wellness Center, the Faulkner said, “Our clients and patients should look as young as they feel and feel as young as they look.”

Added Birdsong, “We want you to feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside. We want to help you feel complete.”

The facility is located at 1000 Commerce Drive #300, Peachtree City. For questions call 678-364-8414 or e-mail