Copyright lecture for artists Aug. 6


There will be a free lecture at the Fayette County Public Library for photographers and artists regarding the subject of copyright. It is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 6, 10 a.m.-noon in the library’s meeting room.  The lecture will also cover the topics of releases and contracts.  

Every photographer/artist should understand why copyright is important.  Their copyright represents their ownership of that work and with that ownership comes certain rights.  These rights protect the artist and their work.  

Meredith Ragains, executive director for Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, will present the information.  GLA is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to artists to ensure that their life’s work is legally protected. Ragains previously worked in commercial litigation.  

“Copyright is a subject that is critical to every artist,” said Donna Thompson, who organized the lecture.  “As a photographer, I am faced with many opportunities to exhibit or sell my work.  In each circumstance it is important to understand how the work will be used and what usage rights the other party may require.  This lecture will help artists understand Copyright better in order to protect their work.”  

The lecture is being hosted by the Fayette Art Collective. For questions contact the library at 770-305-5426 or Thompson at