Islamic victory can come from within


Possibly we have the most heavily armed citizenry in the world. Any foe would be foolish to openly wage an internal war while we are armed to such an extent.

Understanding this, radical Islam may have discovered a way to remove our weapons prior to waging their inevitable war on the streets of this once great nation. They can use the U.S. government.

This enemy may already realize that when enough lone wolves use “assault weapons” against our people, the government will demand, even if by executive order, that all military style weapons be surrendered.

That is the first step; the next step will be easier as we submit to authority, either too afraid or too defeated to resist, and eventually we will give up our handguns as well.

ISIS is patient – they have proved this over thousands of years. They know their enemies’ weaknesses and can use our government’s agenda against us. They’ve turned their television sets on and watched the Democratic sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives regarding gun control. They’ve listened as sanctuary cities demand law-abiding citizens give up their weapons and pass background checks to buy ammunition.

The terrorists will continue to attack soft targets such as gun-free zones, leaving carnage that mandates reactions from our leaders. To illustrate this point, each time we have been attacked the knee-jerk reaction was against our 2nd Amendment ,not against the enemy (to be named at a later date).

ISIS also has history on its side. If history is any indicator of the future, our history shows Americans do not have the same resolve of our enemies as Vietnam sorely demonstrated. I am not attempting to define the right or wrong of Vietnam but merely point out our citizens and government lack resolve for long-term commitments of conflict.

This lack of resolve was demonstrated once again when we pulled out of Iraq, leaving a vacuum for ISIS to grow expeditiously. Vietnam and Iraq were television events that Americans quickly tired of as they viewed the horrors on a daily basis.

Radical Islam will also use our charitable kindness, which is the one of the highest of nations. As charitable people we are showing them we are willing to accept the possibility of a small number of enemies in our midst rather than refuse a large number of refugees in pain.

What I find odd is our country’s warped view of compassion, safety, and protection. A few years ago on Halloween night parents found tainted candies mixed in with the goodies. Not knowing the source of the bad candy, families stopped their kids from going out for trick or treat. Parents hunkered down at private parties to insure their offspring received only the best and safest goodies. The fear of a few pounds of harmful candy mixed in with the hundreds of pounds of sweet treats far outweighed the rewards.

Why aren’t we feeling the same way about a few hundred terrorists mixed in with the tens of thousands of refugees our government is forcing upon us? We protect our children from harm but do nothing to stop a hidden wave of terrorists at our borders for fear of being labeled xenophobic, racist, or bigot.

Think of this: many of the fleeing refugees know who the terrorists mixed among them are but will not divulge this information to authorities for fear of retaliation. These terrorists mutilate woman, imprison children, and decapitate enemies, for no other reason than those victims did not conform to the terrorist’s lifestyle. Make no mistake, these terrorists are here and have been for quite a while; patiently waiting.

I was the director of admissions for an international school. Foreign students were required to pre-deposit a sum of American dollars equal to each year of school, to include food and all other living expenses. Most of the students were from Middle Eastern countries (eventually a campus was built in Saudi Arabia) and had no problem putting thousands of dollars in an account in order to get student visas.

These students rented apartments at bloated prices, and enjoyed the good American life. Many of those that dropped out of school remained in the United States. The landlords didn’t care since their apartments were full. The school was not overly concerned to report these drop-outs since they were a good reference source for recruiting. Eventually moving away from the school area they melted into the populace.

Over 40 percent of illegal immigrants (undocumented if you prefer) are due to violations of overstaying visas. How many of these visa violators were starting sleeper cells while patiently waiting for the right moments – moments such as the Twin Towers?

Lastly, watch your tongue. The truth is Big Brother is no longer just watching; he is now in our back seats telling us how to drive. We are told what we can say on liberal campuses by participating trophy young adults who label us bullies if we attempt to engage them in debate. The real truism is these liberal students lack the ability to discuss any view other than those force-fed to them by liberal professors.

A student told me his class was given an assignment with a directive to use only real news sources; the facilitator specifically stated Fox News was not a real source. My grandson, after a rousing American History class, attempted to explain to me that the American Revolutionists were nothing more than terrorists.

First control the words, and then control the ability to resist; eventually we may become a socialist nation leaning towards communism.

I’m sure these concepts may seem farfetched to many, a bit more Orwellian than most want to read about. However, unless we as a nation start to collectively regain and defend our God-given rights, we will lose them. All that the founding fathers, our grandfathers and fathers died for will be lost.

We are our own best protection as long as we have the right to bear arms and speak freely. James Madison while designing the Declaration of Independence said, “The ultimate power lies with the people themselves.”

Use this power, protect your freedom, use your freedom of speech, let everyone you know that collectively we must protect our constitutional rights at all costs.

Joel Kinsman
Peachtree City, Ga.