PayPal, we’re done


I will not repeat the facts that others have so clearly stated about the hypocrisy of PayPal in their opposition to the recent bathroom law enacted by North Carolina, including Rob Schwarzwalder’s opinion published in the April 13 edition of The Citizen.

PayPal has chosen to ally itself with the communist leadership of Cuba over the moral citizens of the state of North Carolina.

As PayPal has a choice in where they conduct business, I also have a choice with whom I conduct business and am hereby ending my relationship with PayPal. I plan to tell them why I am ending my relationship.

If you have an account relationship with PayPal and disagree with their ethical values and decisions, you should also re-evaluate your support for their ethics and your relationship with them and let them know your position. It’s time to take a stand on moral values, as PayPal has done.

Al Jolly
Peachtree City, Ga.