Christians aim to hurt


So here we are again, and as always the evangelicals are out front trying to hurt people. Of course I’m talking about North Carolina’s HB 2 (“[No] person may bring any civil action based upon the public policy expressed herein”) but I’m also talking about what seems to matter to these people.

I always hear “hate the sin, and not the sinner,” and for anybody who is on the receiving end of this tripe, the self-justification must seem … tiring.

In fact evangelicals are often used, as they have been in this case, to further the special interests of some commercial group. The real effect of North Carolina’s HB 2 is not the posting of guards outside of public bathrooms, checking people’s genitals, but to force people who have been discriminated against on the basis of race, sexual orientation, or gender orientation, into the federal courts (they must bring suit within 180 days) where redress is a great deal more complicated.

I understand why business interests are keen to limit people’s access to the courts, which is why they are business interests. I’m just wondering what Christianity has to do with the whole thing.

Why don’t evangelical Christians hate divorcees as much as they seem to despise gays and transsexuals?

If you are one of these people and don’t consider yourself a hater, but support all this right wing Christian BS, it might be time to take another look at your bible. It gives you all sorts of things to hate, but it only gives you people to love.

Timothy J. Parker
Peachtree City, Ga.