New film act could bring more tourists to the area


The Georgia Senate has passed a bill that would add to tourism efforts from the television and movie projects being filled across the state. 

The Georgia Film and Television Trail Act, if approved by the state House, would place “trail” signs in specified locations as a way for tourists to identify areas such as those around Senoia and Coweta County where “The Walking Dead” is filmed.

The Feb. 29 adoption by the Ga. Senate was aimed at enhancing public awareness of film locations around the state. Using the Georgia Film and Television Trail would provide visual markers for those interested in identifying and visiting the areas of the state where tourists and others can go an up-close look at the areas where filming occurred.

Coweta County Event Coordinator Tray Baggarly said the Ga. Dept. of Transportation and the Ga. Dept. of Economic Development are expected to work together to design the signage, determined the locations where the signs would be placed and work out the various parameters included in the project.

“It should benefit Coweta County by bringing people in,” Baggarly said. “Today, a lot of people are coming here for The Walking Dead.”

Just about anybody spending time in Senioa in the past few years can attest to the increased presence of visitors to the city of 4,000 residents.

Whether it is the former “Woodbury City Hall” on Main Street just south of the Masonic Lodge or “Alexandria” located just a block south of the immediate downtown area in the Gin Property development that is now surrounded by the “wall,” tourists and locals interested in the wildly-popular TV show can often be seen in Senoia.

If the Georgia Film and Television Trail Act is approved by the state House it should serve to bolster tourism and tourist dollars both locally and across the state, Baggarly said.