BoE: Envision a performing arts center for Fayette County


The Fayette County Board of Education on March 7 heard a report from staff on their perspective on what a county performing arts center owned by a variety of public and private interests might look like.

Chairman Marion Key after the meeting said the idea of having a performing arts center in Fayette County originated years ago. The idea surfaced again more recently when Superintendent Jody Barrow was hired, Key said.

Key said Barrow and others in the community have more recently had discussions about the potential for having a countywide, public/private performing arts center that could be used by a variety of local governments and businesses as a multi-purpose venue.

The question posed to teachers at a Feb. 29 meeting asked, “What would a world-class performing arts center in Fayette County look like?”

Participants in breakout sessions in the areas of band, chorus, drama and orchestra set out to answer the question.

Staff offered a number of ideas on the varying size of the auditorium of up to 3,000 seats, a rehearsal hall or a recital room, curtains with movable legs, a scene shop for making sets, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and a kitchen.

As to when such a public/private facility might be in the offing is not currently known, said Key.

“We would need to get everybody involved on the same page,” she said.