B’nai Israel will celebrate Purim with extravaganza


By Saturday, March 26 at 6:30 p.m, the  seats in the sanctuary will be cleared, the halls decorated, the beamer converted into a stage, carnival games set, music, bagels, salads, wine and hamantashen (special hat shaped cookies) ready to eat, in preparation for a Purim extravaganza at the Fayetteville Temple.

Children and adults will enter, many in costume, to celebrate with games, enjoy theater, win prizes and participate in a goods and services auction. There are many gifts to win thanks to generous donations of the business community who have offered gift cards and services. The cost is $12 at the door and will include a light dinner.

The holiday of Purim celebrates the heroine Queen Esther whose foresight, courage  and loyalty to the Jewish people make her a very important figure in Jewish history.  The story of Purim takes place in the ancient Persian Empire when a chief assistant to the King Ahasuerus, named Haman, formulates a plot to kill the Jewish citizens.  King Ahasuerus had wed Esther unaware that she was Jewish.  When it is brought to her attention by her uncle Mordecai that Haman has a plot to kill the Jews, she intervenes risking her own life and saves her people.

Purim is celebrated in a rather unusual way —  with defiant laughter.  The holiday ridicules the wicked and celebrates community — people taking care of others and standing up to evil. Celebrations, silliness and  satire, food , drink  and costumes are encouraged.  

Congregation B’nai Israel is at 1633 Ga. Highway 54 East (across from the BP station).