Random thoughts


Don’t you just hate it when you take a stand on something and then facts prove you’re wrong?

A couple weeks ago I got out of the shower and the bathroom floor was flooded with water. I assumed it leaked out from under the shower stall and called the man who installed it. He came and ran and ran the water for practically 10 minutes and there was not a drop of water coming onto the bathroom floor. He determined I must have had the inside shower curtain accidentally hanging on the outside and that was the problem.

Of course I was quite positive he was wrong and took a shower making sure he was. When I stepped out of the shower there was not a drop of water anywhere on the floor – obviously he had been correct. I can assure you I shall be positive on the position of my shower curtain from now on.

Last year a friend came into my living room telling me there was something wrong with me and insisted on calling an ambulance. As I was being placed therein, I was so sure they were wrong and I would be back home in several hours. The hospital determined my body was down three pints of blood and I got home four days later.

Isn’t it comforting to have friends of 50 years or more even though you may not stay in constant touch? When I moved to Georgia 55 years ago, I worked in a bank with Dot and Darlene and it’s a comfort to know we’re still around and still friends. We’ve shared a lot of history, believe me.

The university in my former hometown, Akron, Ohio, just won its bowl game. Yeah!

A couple of things I would like to do but they are out of the question: I would like to stand in the middle of Highway 85 with the late Ed Travis, looking up on the roof of his former hardware store; and I would like to hear the kinds of conversation going on in the Woolsey Cemetery.

I’m referring to those between Dr. Isaac Woolsey, Ferrol Aubrey Sams, Sr. and his son, Dr. F. A. Sams, Jr., more affectionately known as “Sambo.” They were each quite a character in their own way.

While I am not one to watch the television program, “The Bachelor,” clips are often shown. If I ever saw my daughter in one of them, I would reach right into my television set and yank her right out.

I feel sorry for the family of a TCU quarterback who snuck out of the hotel after curfew the day before a most important bowl game.

He was a junior and had already declared he wasn’t returning to college to become eligible to run for the NFL. He went to a bar, got into a fuss with someone and swung at a policeman. Needless to say, he was not allowed to play the next day in the bowl game. That was a hard way to learn a very important lesson in life.

I surely want to wish each and every one of you a most happy and prosperous New Year. I’m looking forward to being around to wishing you the same next year.