Want to be in a ‘Big Picture’? Head to Senoia New Year’s Day


Senoia is getting ready for its close-up again.

City Manager Richard Ferry announced this week the city will take another town photo Jan.1

“Senoia will turn 150 years old in 2016. Suzanne Helfman, Dub Pearman, Stephanie Reeder and I have been meeting to plan events for the year,” Ferry said.

The city first invited all the residents in town to head to Main street on Jan.1, 2000, and then did it again 10 years later. 

“It was cool to see the changes and growth in just 10 years.  We felt it would be an excellent way to get the people who call Senoia home to come out on New Year’s Day. Main Street will be closed from Seavy to Travis on January 1 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the photo will be taken around 1 p.m.,” he added.  

Ferry said the city has developed a logo for the year and will unveil it on January 1.  

“We are encouraging the other civic organizations like the Senoia Area Historic Society to use it in any events they have during the year.  We are still in the planning phases for the rest of the year and will release events as they become official,” he said.