Fayetteville cops purchase body cameras


The Fayetteville Police Department is now in the initial testing phase of a Body Worn Camera (BWC) system. 

Department spokesman Mike Whitlow said the department purchased 35 Safety Vision “Prima Facie” cameras in late November and is conducting a Beta-test with one of their patrol shifts to determine where and how the cameras will be worn by all shifts to obtain maximum benefit. 

Whitlow said the both department and Information Technology Specialist Mike Yearty are also identifying and resolving any issues that may arise such as storage and functionality. 

“Captain Chad Myers, whose shift is testing the cameras, has been pleased so far and said the video and audio quality is excellent and we have already seen instances where people’s attitudes toward us have changed once they see our cameras are activated,” Whitlow said. 

Thus far, there have been very few problems with the cameras and the department expects every patrol officer in the department to be using the cameras soon. There are also plans to eventually equip every sworn officer, uniform and non-uniform, with a BWC, said Whitlow.